Why Do You Celebrate Independence Day?

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Do you celebrate Independence Day?

I like the idea of 4th of July. It is a way to celebrate living in a place where you can do a lot of things. It is a way to realize you are happy in life and that you like your life. Unfortunately, you may be mistakenly celebrating 4th of July for the wrong reasons. You may be celebrating July 4th because you may be thinking that is what patriotism means. You may be celebrating 4th of July thinking you are a better person than many other people simply because they live in another country.

The very idea of patriotism, like ethnicity, tells you that some specific people are better than other groups of people because of their affiliation with a certain idea. In the area of ethnicity, such an affiliation and idea usually falls under skin color and physical features. For patriotism, such an affiliation lies in how strong one feels towards their country. While the idea of patriotism can theoretically be pure, people have made sure that it is not. So every year, in addition to 364 days of feeling prejudiced toward other races and countries, we dedicate one full day to celebrating the day that gave legal ruling rights to the land we live in.

Why do you celebrate Independence Day, like July 4th?

Why are we selective in remembering what our country has done?

The human mind is a very interesting thing. Not only does a human mind remember birthdays and the days when a country was legally formed on a piece of paper, the human mind also conveniently forgets all other days when that country did some very, very bad things. For example, in America, it is very easy to say “We are celebrating being free!“, while conveniently forgetting that the legal government in America fought hard against giving rights to the black people as recent as the late 1960’s, only to bulge in because of the immense opposition in the form of the millions of minorities protesting the racism and non-free views held by many in the majority.

KKK Saluting In Front of the Cross

The KKK is more legal than you may think.

We also forget how America treated the Vietnamese during the Vietnam war, how Japan attacked armed American military bases in Pearl Harbor during war and America responded by attacking with nuclear bombs and killing millions of civilians in Japan, and how to this day every person in America has to fight a daily war of being either accepted fully into the society or at least not treated differently by either the majority or the minority, or how America has yet to start a direct and single war against a powerful nation that was as equipped as it was on the day of the war instead of starting wars with weaker nations, or how America has yet to win a single war fully against any of the militarily weaker nations like Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia. And while we condemn other countries for having extremist people that hate America, we forget that the Ku Klux Klan, the KKK that openly hates all Black and non-white people and races and works on either killing them or removing them from America, has been a legally registered and legally protected American organization for over 40 years, and still is, as of this year, 2010. In fact, the KKK operates legally and with full legal and constitutional protection in America probably in your neighborhood as of this very moment.

If we remember all such things on Independence Day, and actually apologize or realize how we are heading toward an even better land of opportunity, Independence Day would be the best day of the year. Because remembering such things will make us realize the stupid things we consider to be the reason why any Independence Day should be celebrated for, while realizing the real good reasons it should be celebrated. Unfortunately, right now, because of the sole reason of Independence Day supporters ignoring such facts, 4th of July acts mostly as a propaganda day for many people, resulting in weak people being brainwashed more and more people into thinking that Americans are like Romans, better than any other nation or people. And that is true for every country on the planet which celebrates its Independence day while forgetting all the bad things or mistakes it has made before or is making right now. Any event around the world which directly or indirectly tells people to hate America or think that America is a weaker nation is deemed illegal or extremist by us. What similar lessons are we learning about from our own Independence Day in America every year?

6 Random Things Independence Day Should Be About

  • Realizing mistakes have been made.
  • Realizing Independence Day is about people, and not a piece of land.
  • Helping innocent life, regardless of where it is.
  • Celebrating different ideas and harmony or peace that one observes in the area they are in.
  • Doing things to help around different things in the world. That would make almost any American Red Cross Volunteer, who helps the homeless in America or elsewhere for free, more patriotic than a soldier who gets a monthly salary for fighting a war.
  • Realizing that one is not a superior race or country of people compared to others ((Please let me know if I need to explain this more.)).

Why Do You Celebrate Independence Day?

So why do you celebrate Independence Day? If you celebrate such a day, where do you celebrate it and in which country or area? What things do you like about 4th of July or some other Independence Day? What should an Independence Day be about?What things do you not like about the idea of an Independence Day in today’s world? What things above, that I have mentioned, do you think need more thinking or may be incorrect in some manner?

Thank you for reading! I really appreciate it. I now have to go and drink some water before I dehydrate further, because of coming straight from a 9 hour July 4th celebration day in Berkeley and immediately writing this article.