What is a meme? What does tag and tagging for memes mean?

I’m going to start participating in memes that I get invited to. I wanted to explain in simple and basic terms what an online meme and tagging is, in case someone didn’t know. The terms meme and tagging have been developed by other people. I’ve coined up a few other terms in this article to help make things simpler for everyone, and myself. In this article, whenever we say meme, we’re referring to online memes.

What is a meme?

A meme is a set of actions or questions, in the form of a theme, that one addresses or focuses upon. It can be an idea like flickr, where people post pictures as part of their content. Memes get created by someone, anyone to be precise, and then get moved onto the next participant through an invitation. This invitation can either be a direct invitation in the form of an email to the person being invited, or it can be an indirect invitation in the form of mentioning the name of the person, in our own blogs, who we want to invite, or in memeic terms, tag.It can be a theme, questions, something you do online or in real life, write about, or anything else. It’s like following a guideline regarding a certain topic or atmosphere.

What is tagging for a meme?

Tagging someone for a meme means exactly what it says; you’re tagging someone else to do the same meme on their website. It’s like the tagging game you play in real life. After you’ve finished doing the meme, you tag a specific number of other people to perform the same meme; usually, that number of people you tag is exactly the same as listed in the previous meme from which you yourself were tagged.

Why participate in a meme?

The main point of an online blog meme is the content and replication; someone adds value to the meme through their participation, and in turn their own site gets more valuable and interesting content. They get more people to chip in also. Sometimes the memes results get stored in one location, like the place where the meme originated from. An example of this is Photofriday, where every week people have to participate by analyzing and coming up with interpretations about a picture by doing it on their own websites, and then posting the results on the main PhotoFriday site.

Other kinds of memes

The most common form of a meme is what I call the “Uncontrolled meme” or the “lose meme.” An uncontrolled meme, or a lose meme, don’t store the results of the participation in one place. Instead, the results can be found on the websites that participated in that specific meme. There may not be a central website to list all the websites that participated in that specific meme, so the only way to find out who participated in a meme is to actually visit the websites that participated in the meme and see who was invited to that meme, or to work our way up through the previous invitations to see who was tagged for that meme before the website we’re currently visiting participated in it.

Well, that’s it. I hope that explained things instead of complicating the concept further. Thank you for reading. :)