The Songs J. Lo Copied And The One Song Those Songs Copied

Last week Katie was listening to Jennifer Lopez’s song “On the Floor ft. Pitbull” in the other room and I immediately recognized the tune from that song. That entire main tune was an exact copy from an Indian song I had heard millions of years ago. I jumped onto Google and started writing in English the faint lyrics and tune I had in my head. Within 10 minutes I had the answer.

Jennifer Lopez’s song “On the Floor ft. Pitbull” from her upcoming album “Love?” is without any doubt a copy from 4 older songs from 4 different countries. Here’s the full “On the Floor ft. Pitbull” song by J. Lo:

So where did she get her song from? It’s obvious that she actually copied her song from anywhere from 1 to 4 famous songs from 1980’s and 1990. The oldest of these 4 songs is the original song that invented and created the exact melody that you can see being literally copy pasted into J. Lo’s song. Let us look at each of those 4 songs one by one to see which song she may have copied from, or if she copied from more than one song.

[youtube t4H_Zoh7G5A]

The Famous 1990 Indian Song

The first song J. Lo probably copied from is 1990 Indian Song “Soch Na Kya” from the mega famous Indian movie “Ghayal.” Here is the song:

[youtube EYCguKQnTm8]

As you can see, or hear, the exact main melodies of both the songs are exactly the same. Notice the similarities in the instruments also.

The Famous 1989 French Brazilian Song

Now of course, the above Indian song came a few months after another song called Lambada. This again mega famous “Lambada song” was made by a famous French pop group Kaoma, in association with a famous Brazilian vocalist, featuring the famous dual children song dancing duo called “Chico & Roberta“, in their album “World Beat.” No need to remember those details; I mention them to show you how famous this song was when it came out because of the famous people involved in it. Here’s the song:

[youtube i8mz9uOvFQA]


[youtube aV149osCiWI]

Surprisingly, almost everyone simply stops the history there, thinking Lambada was the original song that invented this tune. Half the people say that Jennifer Lopez copied her song from the Indian song, while the other half say that both of them copied their song from the French Brazilian association.

Let me introduce you to 2 other songs that Jennifer could have copied from, since the above Indian and French Brazilian songs definitely copied from those 2 songs.

The 1986 Portugese Song

Lambada itself was basically copied or took its main tunes from either the 1986 Portuguese Song “Chorando se foi” by M├írcia Ferreira’s or the 1981 Bolivian song that we will go through in a moment. Here is the 1986 Portuguese song “Chorando se foi.” Pay special attention to the first 11 seconds of the song.

[youtube NcvqDI4TL6o]

The reality is, while Jennifer Lopez may have copied her song from any or all of those songs, all of those 4 songs are actually copies of the real original song that originated in Bolivia in 1981, and that to this day remains the very original song that had the exact tunes that all the 4 songs “On the Floor“, “Soch Na Kya“, “Lambada” and “Chorando se foi” have so far basically copied.

Hear the faint song playing in the very beginning of the above video in the first 11 seconds that I told you to pay attention to? The video was made to directly tell you which song “Chorando se foi” is based on. It is based on a very famous 1981 Bolivian Song that I’ve been mentioning above, the very original song that started the entire tune.

The Original Authentic 1981 Bolivian Song

Even if the J. Lo song, the Indian song and the French pop group Kaoma’s Brazillian song did not admit to copying the original, the Portuguese song “Chorando se foi” basically, in its very video, shows their own song as a tribute or a direct version of this this Bolivian original called “Lloranda se fue” by probably Bolivia’s most famous band called “Los Kjarkas.” Here’s the original song that inspired and resulted in all the other 4 songs copying it directly or indirectly:

[youtube mT4T5GyGqRQ]

Which version or versions do you like the best?

Since it’s 2011 and because of such a tremendous push of social media sharing online, the amount of money you make from any song today is probably way more than what you would have made in the 80’s and the 90’s. That is why so many people consider J. Lo’s version far more popular and superior today compared to the previous 3 versions and the 1 original.

So which one do you like the best? For some reason, I prefer all of them except Jennifer Lopez’s. J. Lo’s song, if you listen to it after listening to all the other 4 songs, seems very disjointed and disconnected, as if she added separate non-flowing parts without any flow in between to it to make it one song. Hey, even if that’s exactly what it sounds like, if you put a flair of rap into the holes, you can call it music!

Most importantly: which song or songs do you think J. Lo copied her “On the floor” from?

Thanks for reading! Please leave your thoughts or any questions in the comments below. Be sure to turn on one of the above videos while writing your comment to get the exact feeling into your soul.