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Planning Whether or Not to Advertise

Should you advertise on your blog?

Should you advertise on your blog?

If you are on Facebook, you may already realize what it means to get messages from strangers on it asking you to visit their sites. I get almost 20 or so messages on Facebook daily from different people asking me to visit their website, blog or to buy something from them. Majority of such sites seem to have advertisements slapped onto them without proper planning. Such sites exist solely to make money by writing a few things and expecting any surrounding ads to sell.

In today’s world, where blogs are created not by the minute but by the second, it’s hard to come up with a topic that a blog, or a site, should focus upon. Even harder is the task of making a plan as to whether the site in question will make money, or if it will simply provide content free of charge and with no advertisements whatsoever. Ads can help bloggers, though the readers may suffer and not visit an ad-ridden blog anymore.

Today I’m going to talk about making a simple, but important, plan of whether or not you should have any advertisements on your site.

Should you advertise on your site?


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Why are you not allowed to delete all of your online accounts?

Delete keyYou see them everywhere. They tell you to perform an action. They tell you to associate yourself with a certain brand name in order to get benefits. These things are signs, signs of different kinds telling you to create accounts and memberships on different websites so that you can be able to post comments and view private content. Whether they are images with the words “Sign up!” or written words saying “Create a free account“, the signs to entice you into signing up are everywhere.

What many of such signs and websites forget to tell you is that once you open an account, it may be impossible to ever close and delete your account and any private information from such sites. Today we ponder over the question: Why do many websites and online services not allow you to close and delete your account?

Easy to create your online account. Impossible to delete it?


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Question: Do you like having password-protected entries?

This question can go along with yesterday’s question, “Why do you blog?” Depending on many reasons, including the reason you blog, you may want to have or avoid having password protected entries. On your blog, or on someone else’s blog, do you currently like having or seeing password protected entries?

Generally, you can have password protected content on personal blogs and non-personal blogs.

Password protected entries on Personal Blogs


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