Sweat: The Big Picture

Whatever you do, online or offline, your body basically dictates how you feel doing it.

Your body’s condition also strongly influences how well you do things, online or offline.

Too tired while playing a game? You won’t enjoy the game as much. Too sleepy while watching a movie? You’re not going to remember or understand the movie that much. In physical pain while working? Well, your work is probably going to get affected.

Body not feeling fresh? Your thoughts through the day will also not be as exciting.

Like many other things, your body sweat (ewww!) also dictates how you feel and how well you do in both online and offline things.

Lucky for you, studies have been done to help you figure out how much you sweat, why you sweat and what you can do to avoid sweating.

Sweat: The Big Picture

Here’s the sweat infographics you can actually remember easily. The next time you want to do something, keep in mind the following to avoid sweating or to reduce it. Pay special attention to “The Products You’re Using” section. I didn’t know greasy food would cause you to sweat more.

Via: Bye Bye Excessive Armpit Sweat

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What do you think of the above info? Will you change or start thinking about certain things in life to start sweating less?

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