Stop Hiding from People if you Want Happiness

Stop hiding from people if you want a happier life and if you want happiness.

There is no other way to emphasize something as important as this without stating it directly. Regardless of your goals, wants or needs, this one major negative element in your life will ultimately affect everything else in your life negatively.

In fact, this major element of hiding from people in your life, is what affects your daily life, all your actions, and your future.

We prefer hiding from people. We do it daily. We accept it as being so normal that we do not even think about its existence. We just react to it as if we had a life dedicated to hiding from others. This fear that makes us hide from others, for any reason, is actually making us fail at almost every great opportunity that comes our way. For every person we claim we like hanging out with, there are probably 2 people out there we hide from.

Phone, emails, txts, in person, on the road, online, people around us, etc: we like hiding for various reasons wherever we are. We hide from bill collectors, people who honk at us, people we find annoying, people who forward us annoying emails, other students who may make fun of us, kids who may bully us at parties, and many other groups of people. When we hide from others, everything we do in life revolves around the fact that we’re afraid. How can our life be productive, minimalistic, or even happy when it is based around fear?

Such fear ensures that all your goals, dreams and efforts in life are always inferior to what they could be.

While we may not be able to control the outcome of an uncomfortable situation, we can definitely change the way we react to people related to the situations in question.

Chill. Relax.

Living in fear by hiding from others - like a cat?

Living in fear by hiding from others - like a cat?

Don’t think about the person you are hiding from. Think about the situation. There is no need for any confrontation to feel better or to make sure you do not hide. You simply have to stop worrying about the other person. You have to realize others cannot hurt you.

Think about this question always:

If I don’t hide, will I die?

If the answer is no, why are you afraid?

You have to face the fear of hiding from people in one simple way: think about the situation, realize your fear is harming your life, and then start living. Stop worrying about what others may think or how uncomfortable dealing with some situation may be. It is actually not our logical thought or even feeling that makes us hide most of the time. It is fear. Fear is an emotional reaction to something we think can harm us mentally, physically or in some other manner.

We try not to scream or cry all the time. We try not to laugh all the time. We try not to eat out every hour of the day. We try not to sleep 24 hours a day. We try not to talk 24 hours a day. We even try not to think of our dead friends and close ones after they die.

We do, however, keep living in fear of others and keep on hiding. We prefer holding onto that emotional outburst called “fear” more than than any other emotional outburst or trend in life.

3 years ago I realized I had developed a strong tendency, for a long time, to hide from many groups of people including bill collectors, unknown or blocked calls, malls and places where certain people hung out, and even people I knew who forwarded me useless emails. I was living in fear. Last year I decided to get rid such an unhealthy behavior in my life. This year, I finally started acting on such a decision. I answer all calls now, I reply to all annoying emails to tell annoying people I know to not contact me, and I also go anywhere I want regardless of who else goes there, in addition to many, many other things. I simply do not care anymore, or I try not to.

It is amazing how much more happiness I have in my life now, compared to when I was living a life hiding from others.

Stop Hiding from People. Start Acting. Make the Act of Hiding from Others React to You.

If you’re hiding from others, you’re limiting yourself in everything you do. It’s very simple to stop hiding and to jump into the solutions right away. Here are some practical tips and areas to focus on how you can get started:

Are you ready to stop living in fear?

  1. Answer all phone calls at least once. Tell bill collectors to work with you or to get lost. Tell annoying people you’re busy and that you’ll let them know later when they can call you. Answer blocked or unknown calls at least once to find out who it is.

    Once you face any phone call at least once, you can then happily ignore it. Ignoring something happily after practically dealing with it once is better and different than living a life hiding in fear.

  2. Go out in public happily. There is no need to hide from others, regardless of your looks, height, weight, gender, clothes, personality or character. Simply ignore others. Why should you have to fear others when you go out?
  3. Reply to annoying emails sent to you by people you know. Let them know you’re not interested in such emails. Why would you want to revolve and waste your life around hiding from a few pixels on your monitor screen?
  4. Tell people who annoy you to go away. Tell people what you’re thinking directly in order to stop things from proceeding. If you feel you may end up getting into a fight, get someone else involved to talk to that person on your behalf while you’re there. Make sure you do’t get into any argument or fight, and let the other 3rd person do the talking for you. It’s better to get help and have someone else help you get over the fear of others than to keep on hiding.
  5. Start doing whatever you want with your life. You’re 60 and want to go ice skating? Go ahead. Want to go eat and see a movie by yourself? Do it. Want to ask someone out in front of everyone? Ask today! Want to dress differently than what society expects your age, gender, class, color or identification to dress like? Dress away.
  6. Start calling people you don’t want to, but have to. Cancel credit cards you don’t need, negotiate your current insurance plan, tell the bad news you have to tell someone, cancel appointments don’t want anymore, and more. Start calling. Get things done so that your life can have less negative obstacles on the way to happiness.

Who are you hiding from, and why?

Fear is an emotional reaction that in my view should make us more cautious and prepare us more to handle a situation in a manner where the outcome can be more beneficial to us. We, however, hold on to fear as if it is the outcome we want. We don’t have to, though, and we can choose not to. We just have to think and realize first that we have such a choice. Then we have to act.

Which people, companies, elements in life do you hide from? Why are you hiding from them? Would you like to stop being afraid of such people? Do you think such hiding and a life spent in fear provides any benefit?

Do you want to stop hiding from people? What’s stopping you from doing that?

Please share your thoughts on this in the comments below. You can come out of hiding to comment, by the way. Start living.

Thanks for reading!