Should You ALWAYS Tip Waiters?

I can say with 100% certainty that you ate something in the last 24 hours. Unless you’re starving somewhere, chances are you eat 2 or 3 times a day. We cook at home and we go out to eat. Going to a restaurant to eat, while fulfilling our craving to survive, is like an enjoyable experience for us, like a joy ride. And in that joy ride, surprisingly, we usually have come to pay more attention to the people who bring the food than the food itself.

If you get a happy, polite waiter, you will most probably consider your dining experience a good one. Get an impolite waiter or someone who ignores you, and you may consider your trip a waste of time and money, even if the food was good. Not only that, but at the end of every such experience, you come face to face with the bill that creates the most difficult question for you.

How much should I leave as a tip for this waiter?

Should you always tip waiters?

Should you always tip waiters?

You don’t want to leave too much because it’s your money. You don’t want to leave too little or nothing because you fear public embarrassment or having that same waiter again in the future.

I’ve already talked about the rude things waiters do, and the rude things customers do to waiters. Now you tell me and everyone else what you think of the idea of always tipping waiters.

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Reasons to Tip Waiters

  1. They do not get paid enough.
  2. You are paying for the food. Anything a waiter does, good or bad, is basically something extra you get in addition to your paid food.
  3. It shows appreciation.
  4. Waiters go back and forth just to get you water, sauces, condiments and napkins anytime you want them.
  5. Waiters anywhere [including Baristas] deal with your [the customers’] annoying behavior. An example of some things the Baristas [Starbucks version of cashiers and waiters] face daily:

    [youtube -74mUxLQW_s]

Reasons to Not Tip Waiters

  1. They get paid already.
  2. They fake politeness and courtesy just to get paid.
  3. Waiters expect to get tips even after providing bad service.
  4. You already pay for the food and the service. Why pay extra to an employee of the company?
  5. You are spoiling the restaurant owner into paying their waiters less.

Do You Always Tip Waiters?

What is your view on the concept of tipping waiters? Do you always tip waiters as an obligation?

Cast your vote above. Share your tips [non-monetary], thoughts or any questions below. Thanks for reading!