Series – 10 signs you are a moody $%^#!@

This is an introduction to a series of daily posts, related to signs that show that you might be a moody person, that I will be doing for the next 10 days. There will be 11 posts in total in this series, including this very introductory post. You can also see the summary of the actual list of signs.

I met a friend of mine recently who told me that his co-worker had recently started showing interest in him. My friend was having some personal issues with his brother, so he completely ignored his co-worker because of feeling upset during the weekdays. After he had solved the issue with his brother, he started showing interest in the co-worker who had, interestingly enough, moved on by then. He even e-mailed her that he was interested in going to the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles, and if she wanted to come with him. She responded and said that she was busy, “sorry.

My friend was asking me if I thought the co-worker was an evil woman, as she first “flirted” with him, “indirectly seducing” him as a tease, and then simply moved on when he showed interest. I said “I do not think, it makes her any of those things, though I may be wrong.” I was looking at my food when my friend asked me “Why does she not respect the fact that I was being professional back then?” I looked at my friend. That was the time I either told him the truth because he was comfortable asking me for advice, or that was the time I acted like a typical contact who agreed with everything he said and showed sympathy on everything. I said “In my view, you were not being professional back then. I think you were being a moody bitch instead to someone innocent who was not responsible or even award of things happening with your family. Would you respect someone like that yourself if you were in her position?

Many people hide their inability to communicate well behind the concept of professionalism

That is the truth of life, and the biggest myth of professionalism. People act serious, moody, weird, strange, rude, and they label it all as being professional or something else so that they can pretend to get away with their actions and moods. Professionalism has nothing to do with communicating your emotions with others. Professionalism also has nothing to do with the office culture. Professionalism means that you are willing to express what you want in order to help yourself and someone else without letting either your or someone else’s personal life, completely unrelated to the task at hand, affect the involved parties. I talk to at least 10 or so people daily, and many of them act moody almost everyday in one way or another.

The funny thing is, most of these people say they are being professional when they act moody. They may become quiet or distant all of a sudden, and they think it is a sign of professionalism, to not talk too much. They may avoid talking to bloggers who do not share the same religion and they think that is professionalism. They may only comment on blogs by certain people who agree with them, and not respond to others at all and still consider it professionalism. The biggest joke is this: these people sometimes act serious or very rude in their comments to other bloggers, and they think it is professionalism at play. No, that is not professionalism; that is your bad childhood at play, the same childhood in which you did not learn how to be respectful even to strangers.

10 points in 10 posts in 10 days – 10 signs that you may be moody

Starting from tomorrow, I will write a post a day, outlining 10 posts in total that talk about signs that may classify you and me as being moody. Each day I will give you a real life example of someone acting moody, and I will also tell you what I think about it. I may not express real names or blog urls, but many of you may know who I am referring to. Here is an interesting fact: there is nothing wrong with being moody. Almost everyone is moody everyday. But when your moodiness starts affecting other people through your interactions and dealings with them, you are allowing your inner emotions affect other people, which is unfair to those people.

So please stay tuned. From tomorrow, I will talk about some very weird things that you may find very typical and common, but if you pay close attention, you will see moodiness sprinkling all over some people, resulting in nearby people also getting some of the moodiness sprinkled on them.

Wait! What happened to my moody “bitch” friend?

As for my friend, he was shocked to hear my answer. He asked me what he should do. I told him to simply apologize to her in person and explain everything, and then to move on. He thanked me, and did exactly that, though very reluctantly. This morning he called me and said that his co-worker had e-mailed him back recently, telling him that she was interested in going to the LA Brea Tar Pits this week as she had time. I doubt they will date or anything, but it is better to be friends than to be enemies. So today, I think they both went to the TAR pits. Sweet, isn’t it? I mean the situation, not the tar, and definitely not the ugly moodiness! =P

Series – 10 Signs that you are a moody person

  1. Being rude when you do not need things from others.
  2. Being rude only to new people.
  3. Being rude only to people of a specific sex.
  4. Being rude to people having different religions views.
  5. Being rude to people not considered prominently rich.
  6. Being rude by saying things without standing by them later on.
  7. Being rude and discriminatory to people because of politics
  8. Being rude to people because of ethnicity
  9. Being rude because of feeling frustrated over random things
  10. Being rude because of other moody people