Question: What Makes You Jealous?

Every single day, you probably notice things that you wish were yours. Every single day, other people probably notice things in and about you that they wish they had. Such notices, or observations, lead to a feeling called jealousy. The act of becoming jealous takes a few simple observations and thoughts. You may very well be aware, by this point, about what makes you jealous. You may, on the other hand, not realize the things that make you jealous. Today’s question revolves around those 2 instances in both the online and offline worlds.

Today I am asking you a question that may have been revolving in your head as long as you can remember. It may also be a question that may affect you for the rest of your life. What makes you jealous?

10 Random Things That Make You Jealous

In order to help you realize why you may be jealous, or if you are jealous at all, following are 10 random things you may be jealous about. These may also be 10 random things that others may be jealous about because you have them.

  1. Other girls.
  2. Other boys.
  3. Someone else’s girl.
  4. Someone else’s boy.
  5. Things other people have, like a phone, clothes, or a car.
  6. Things other people exhibit, like happiness, confidence, or arrogance.
  7. Thoughts of other people, like brainstorming ideas, creativity, or communication techniques.
  8. The attention others get.
  9. The attention others do not get.
  10. Other people.

Those are 10 random reasons that may make you or someone else jealous on a daily, or maybe a monthly basis. What do you think? Can you relate to any of the points above?

Do you know what makes you jealous?

So what makes you jealous? What do you think? Is there something or someone you may be jealous of? Or do you know if someone is jealous of you or something you have? What are your views about this topic?

Thanks for reading! Please let me and others know what you think by commenting below. Please don’t be jealous if someone posts a comment before you.