Question: Do you prefer having a desktop, a laptop, or both?

Vintage 1984 computer - picture from’s question is going to be a bit hard to quickly answer for many people. No, I am not talking about desk tops and lap tops. For this question, I am talking about desktop computers and laptop computers. At this very moment, you are probably on one of the many different reading devices that can access the internet: a desktop monitor, laptop, pda, mobile phone or something else. If you had a choice between having a desktop or a laptop, or both, what would you choose?

Your choice or preference in this case can have a greater impact than the impact of just having a computer based device around you. Your offline and off-computer life can get heavily affected due to such a choice. Having a laptop can mean that your sleep time includes browsing the internet for a little bit, and having a desktop in a cold room outside of your bedroom may mean that you spend less time on the computer in case you hated the cold weather. Having both a desktop and a laptop could mean a lot of things, like having access to the internet at the coffee shop and then getting back home, throwing the laptop onto the sofa and jumping on your desktop, literally or metaphorically.

Some random benefits of having a desktop:

  • May have a bigger screen
  • Better keyboard
  • May have better processing power
  • Cannot be stolen as easily as a laptop

Some random benefits of having a laptop:

  • Take it with you to different places inside and outside of your house
  • Screen, monitor, mouse and usually more devices built into a single unit, allowing you to focus on a small space all the time
  • Allows you to do stuff usually when you want, and not when you get home to the desktop
  • Can replace the things you carry with you, like journals or notepads

Some random benefits of having both a desktop and a laptop:

  • Have a computer, either desktop or laptop, be the backup for important files
  • Divide the computers between work, play, experiment, useless or other themes
  • All of the combined benefits of having a laptop and a desktop
  • Easier to completely replace either unit in case of boredom, hunger, poverty, and more

Above are some random reasons you may prefer having one or more than one computer.

Would you prefer having a laptop, a desktop, or both?

Would you prefer no desktop and only a single laptop that you can use at home or anywhere you go? Or would you rather have a desktop that sits in one place most of the time ((Unless you move the desktop computer around in order to compensate for not having a laptop or something))? Or would you prefer having both? Please let me know.

I personally have a laptop and a desktop that I use actively. I have to divide different things between the two, and I also spend some time, from time to time, in planning how to sync different things in simpler and better ways between the two. As of now, I am using the laptop more than the desktop in terms of actual minute useage I think, though when I do use the desktop, I use if heavily too. I use both daily, and the desktop gets used a lot too when I am home.

I wrote this on my laptop, by the way. Thank you for reading. :)