Question: Do you prefer Facebook or MySpace?

Today’s question is pretty simple. I have both a Facebook & a MySpace account at the moment. Based on this post and what you may already know about these two services, do you prefer using Facebook or MySpace? For this question, please assume that you are simply offering an opinion on one of these networks being better in your opinion, regardless of your liking for online social networks in general.

Facebook & MySpace target the same people using different requirements

Facebook logo - blue background with the word Facebook written on it in white color & the copyright trademark at the endFacebook is considered by many people to be a more mature online social networking service ((Many people consider Facebook to have more working students and professionals. It is also widely assumed, as far as I can notice, that Facebook has more people interacting with others they already know or may want to know in a non-intimate manner. Also, due to the lack of profile background editing on Facebook, people view Facebook as being more professional looking due to the consistent look of the entire site. Facebook is at the moment considered to be growing at a very accelerated rate.)) compared to MySpace ((MySpace, which came before Facebook, has gathered the focus and attention of millions of teenagers and even younger kids around the world. Mostly due to this fact, probably, it is widely assumed, as far as I can observe, that MySpace has a more younger and a bit-less-mature-than-facebook audience. Also, due to MySpace allowing any profile page to be customized, the old days of the internet where many web pages had black backgrounds and blue texts to give many a headache are back. Also, there is a huge popular trend on MySpace, that I have observed, of strangers adding others simply to view their pictures, find out more personal details about them, or try to be physically intimate somehow, creating one of the big reasons why many Facebook people avoid MySpace. Even then, more people stick to MySpace than Facebook at the moment and continue using MySpace at a very hyper and active rate. The growth rate of MySpace is currently estimated to be going at a constant rate.)) . Facebook focuses more on the concept of networks: you belong to an area, a school, a company or some other group on Facebook which becomes your primary network. As of this writing, Facebook does not allow you to directly edit the entire layout of your profile, which is considered a blessing and a downside, depending on which group of people you talk to. You can, however, customize where different parts and snippets of information get placed on your layout.

MySpace is considered by many to be the most widely known online social networking service in the world. MySpace focuses more on the concept of adding friends and other people to your profile so that you can get to know them more. MySpace allows you to edit almost the entire layout of your MySpace profile. Again, just like Facebook, this is considered both a good and a bad thing, based on the preferences of different people. Maybe having different preferences is what life is all about, right?

MySpace logo - blue background with MySpace written in the middle in blue, 3 people image on left and the words - a place for friends - at the rightA Facebook account, at the moment, focuses heavily on comments and other ways of interaction to help people communicate. A MySpace account, at the moment, focuses heavily on comments, direct messages, and the actual profile customization to help people communicate. MySpace also has its own instant messaging service, called the MySpace IM that you download onto your computer to chat with all of your MySpace buddies or strangers. Facebook, in contrast, has developed its own in-browser chat service, enabling you to chat with any of your online contacts within your browser, while you are actively browsing or doing anything on your Facebook account.

Do you prefer Facebook or MySpace?

So, back to our original question: based on the above brief information, would you prefer using Facebook or MySpace? Are there some other points or reasons for your answer?

I will stop here so that I can do a few things, including checking a message I got on MySpace and sending a message to someone on Facebook. Thank you for reading. :)