Question: Do you like using MyBlogLog?

Today’s question revolves around your view of a specific blogging service: MyBlogLog. At its simplest, MyBlogLog is a service that is supposed to help you track specific people who visit your website, along with those people’s details like name, gender, any associated website, etc. Keeping that definition of MyBlogLog in mind, do you like using MyBlogLog?

A while ago I talked about 5 things that MyBlogLog can improve. I can see some of the improvements being implemented that I recommended to Eric at MyBlogLog, like the revamped MyBlogLog community pages, where the focus is more on the related blog itself through the use of RSS feeds instead of having the RSS feed be a non-significant part of a community.

Following are some pros and cons of using MyBlogLog. If you can think of any other things, please let me know and I will update this list and give you credit.

Pros and Cons of using MyBlogLog


  • Track some people who visit your site
  • Get traffic by having other MyBlogLog members visit your site, similar to a traffic exchange network where members visit anyone voluntarily who visits their site
  • The MyBlogLog team is trying hard to listen to the readers and improve the service as one of their main priorities, thus you have greater chances of having your suggestions implemented than before
  • Be able to see a list of regular MyBlogLog readers who like your website on a regular basis


  • Track only other MyBlogLog members
  • Available only if the widget is displayed
  • MyBlogLog code can slow down or halt your site – for an example, see the attached image of how MyBlogLog sometimes halts The Reasoner – opens in a new window. The screenshot image is an example of how the MyBlogLog code keeps waiting for something to load from the Yahoo/MyBlogLog servers, and my website is never completely loaded in such cases.
  • MyBlogLog widget is not customizable
  • MyBlogLog communities are currently blogrolls being spammed by many members

Do the MyBlogLog Pros outweigh the Cons for you, or vice versa?

So, if you have a blog, do you like using MyBlogLog? If you do not have a blog, or have not used MyBlogLog yet, would you like using MyBlogLog on your site?

Please let me know. Thank you. :)