L4D2 Guardin' Gnome Achievement – Part 1 / 4

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The Guardin’ Gnome achievement in Left 4 Dead 2 is given to players who carry Gnome Chompsky from chapter 2 all the way to the helicopter finale of Dark Carnival. This is Chapter 2, “The Coaster”, of Dark Carnival. You can start your game directly from Chapter 2 and get the achievement after you finish the finale.

Tips for Guardin’ Gnome Achievement – from Suicide Noobs

  1. You need 750 points on 1st game in Dark Carnival Ch 2 to get the gnome.
  2. You can use the gnome as a weapon or to push off zombies.
  3. Gnome will take up a lot of your viewing space. Get used to it.
  4. The gnome does not need to be held at all times. Drop him to fight too!
  5. You can drop gnome in end safe rooms. He’ll re-appear in new chapters.
  6. Gnome must make it onto the helicopter with any survivor in the finale.
  7. Anyone can carry the gnome. You can switch turns too.
  • Did you know that CHOMPSKY is the name of the Gnome?

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