JetBlue flying out with flying colors

I have been traveling for the past few days, taking JetBlue most of the time from one place to another. The time spent on the plane itself was relaxing; the airline offers one of the best seats available on any flight. It also features snacks and drinks that you can request as many times as you wish, and you get DirecTV for free along with free headsets. I’m going to talk about JetBlue in this post; since this isn’t a paid advertisement, it’s going to be easy for me to shed a quick light on their past also [that was a joke].

JetBlue is basically a newcomer when it comes to all the major airlines that are out there. It is very small compared to any other major airline. Back in 2003, it was found that JetBlue gave its customer data to the FBI through different agencies, and thus violated the privacy of all its customers. People were outraged, and majority of the people were considering avoiding the airline forever. However, these airlines were required to comply with the government requests for different tests as I found out afterwards, and they were not in a position to argue with the government about it.

Today, JetBlue is doing very good, and you can see it in person and through their performance. I’ve traveled the airline over 20 times this year so far, and each time the service has been nice. Only in the flight last time [yesterday] was the DirecTV not able to find reception most of the time; that’s DirecTV satellite issue, however. They offer services in areas where competitors charge for the basic necessities just to stay alive.

Many airlines now charge for headsets, pillows, drinks, snacks and even magazines. One day they will charge you for wearing clothes, and also charge you for sitting on a seat; standing throughout the duration of your flight will be included “At no extra cost.” So far, JetBlue and other smaller airlines [like Alaska Airlines] seem to be doing much better and have better service also. I don’t know if good service is associated with being small, and “no” free service comes in handy when you become big. JetBlue, so far, has literally come out of majority of the troubles and situations with flying colors.

I have yet to dive deeper into the background of JetBlue and its operations. At the moment, it seems to be operating in a way the airlines were supposed to be operating in the view of the travelers, and the price is affordable also. The service is excellent, and we get everything we pay for. I keep asking for chocolate chip cookies, and no one seems to mind. I’ve decided to ask an endless round of drinks on my next flight; hope I don’t get prohibited from booking with them after that.