Is Your Ego a Good Thing?

Is having an ego a bad thing?

Is having an ego a bad thing?

One of the many things in life that depress people is the idea of not feeling confident. And very few things in life are thought to bring in more self confidence for people than the concept of having an ego. Having an ego basically means you are very confident and proud of everything you stand for, so much that you think everyone else with a different view is inferior to you. Ego gives you the power to look at everyone else in the eyes or to stand up for yourself more often. Ego also, however, makes you arrogant.

The entire idea of having an ego is very popular in the stereotypical guys of today, where the portrayal of a macho person stems from the very concept of an ego that one is, or wants to be, better than everyone else. Ego is visible in girls too, though usually in a different form as is the case with stereotypical trends found in different elements of our society. Not many people actually claim they have an ego, though some claim having an ego in order to show a sense of a non-caring nature in order to get away with something stupid.

Is having an Ego a good thing? Let us look at some bad things Ego brings into your life, and the one single good thing Ego also brings into your life. You can put aside your Ego cap while reading this.
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5 Reasons Your Ego is a Bad Thing

  1. It makes you feel other people are stupid.
  2. It makes you feel others are not as good as you.
  3. It makes you unreceptive to new ideas.
  4. It makes you feel anything bad you do is justified.
  5. It makes you focus on being better than others and on competition, thus resulting in you never liking the idea of helping anyone else except yourself in any situation.

1 Reason Your Ego is a Good Thing

  1. Ego gives you Self Confidence.

Ego gives you one very good thing: self confidence. Many people try to get an ego so that they can get self confidence. It should be known, however, that ego is just one of the many ways to get self confidence. Therefore, the entire idea of having an ego can be pretty bad because the prejudicial views it creates easily do damage in the name of self confidence. Anyone looking for self confidence should probably look at other ways.

Do You Like Having an Ego?

Based on the above points and info, do you think you have an ego? Do you think having an ego is a good thing?

Please share your thoughts, stories or questions by commenting below. Thank you for reading! I really appreciate it. :)