I Stopped Eating Dead Meat This Week

Meat - I stopped eating it this week

I stopped eating meat this week. What are you eating?

Earlier this week I was introduced to a link by @Aazzure, or Azure, on Twitter. Azure usually shares very awesome videos with me that focus around the concept of life, today’s societies, the world we live in, how we really live, and other similar things.

Well, the link Azure introduced this time focused around animals. I clicked the link and saw that a video, almost around 2 hours long, start playing on a site titled “EARTHLINGS.” I immediately clicked the main home page link on that site to check summarized info somewhere so that I could know what was playing instead of watching the entire thing first. Well, the home page itself started playing a short trailer. The trailer was around 2 minutes long, I think. 1 minute and 24 seconds into the trailer, if I remember correctly, I made the most drastic decision of my life. It was June 8th, 2010.

I decided to stop eating meat.

Why I Stopped Eating Meat This Week?

Earthlings DVD - the trailer of which made me stop eating meatFor a few years now I have sometimes thought of not eating any meat and becoming what the society calls a “vegetarian.” Every time, the simple idea of not having a juicy Burger King burger, any steak or some yummy sushi made me simply laugh at the idea of vegetarianism. I also always laughed at the idea of ridiculing meat eaters and ridiculing veggie eaters. Well, another thing I always thought of was that the vegetarians, who eat no meat, and vegans, who eat no meat and no meat derivatives, should realize that eating any kind of plant is also killing the plant life, which have been scientifically proven to have life, breathe air and feel pain.

The video I saw was a trailer for EARTHLINGS simply showed different kinds of animals being killed, tortured, dissected and other similar things in the name of food, experimentation, pets, clothing and entertainment. I only saw part of the trailer. I did not see anything else, nor did I see the main 2 hour video itself. However, the trailer itself is so strong for me, that I actually saw in visualizations many of the things I have been thinking, tweeting and writing about over the years about the way we live life and how we can simply justify almost anything as long as it serves our needs.

Following is the exact video trailer for the documentary EARTHLINGS that I saw which shows animals being killed, tortured and butchered slowly while alive. You can decide whether or not you want to view this video.

The cruelty we see happening to animals, also reflected lately in my several tweets of how we treat certain animals with kindness, like cats, and other animals with no emotions, like chickens, is something that bothers me a lot when I start thinking of ways to be human, or to be myself in a manner that I want to be. That “bothering” is probably the focus of many of my efforts. I feel very sad to think of the harm that comes to animals, whether it is through torture by humans or by the “ethical killing” of animals like chickens and pigs. Death is death, and pain is pain. How can it be all right to kill certain animals while loving others when none of them have ever harmed us intentionally or for pleasure? Does killing something for food or other purpose, whether through pain and torture or without supposed pain and instantly, justify the killing itself? I have wondered about such things all my life, and the above trailer made me realize I will simply stop eating meat in order to satisfy my emotions.

And one animal in particular that I saw in the trailer, who was still alive and blinking after being skinned alive, made me cry and still makes me cry whenever I think of him/her. Whenever I think of that animal, I realize I have probably made the best and purest decision in my life.

One of the most important things I had to ask myself from the moment I made my decision: Is this just an impulse decision? So many decisions are made simply based on emotional outbursts that later one more harm is done than we can actually realize. It is now day 4 today, and I have not even thought back as to whether or not my decision was made in haste.

Things for me to avoid eating when not eating meat

It is actually very complex and interesting to start eating things that do not contain any dead meat. I say “dead meat” because for me things like eggs and things made from milk are perfectly fine. And labeling something as dead meat sounds more logical to me, at least for my cause, than meat at the time being. Meat, or Dead Meat as I call it for this article and for my view of all of this, the very simple beginning for me is the following:

  1. No animal of any kind. Mammals, fish and birds can now feel 100% safe hanging around me now.
  2. No products which may contain gelato or similar things that are derived from animal fats. Jello is probably an example of this.

No more burgers. No more steaks. No more sushi. No more chicken nuggets. And almost no more fast food drive-thrus and food adventures that I had before, at least in the meat department probably.

Things to think about when not eating meat

  1. I love eating meat. I like the idea of eating meat. It is simply some images and ideas that go through my head now when I think of eating meat or the food industry which involves dead animals. Thus, I think I will not criticize the idea of eating meat itself. I made a personal choice based on what I think I should do in my life to be able to feel associated with the animals, realize how they should be treated, and be able to do something whcih gives another main purpose to my life.
  2. I will not criticize meat eaters. The most annoying thing the “vegetarian” class does is to start an all-out assault on meat eaters. As you may have learnt from my articles before, I avoid things which criticize the existence of something else solely based on personal preference. So meat eaters, eat away and be proud like the veggie eaters! I will continue to point out any illogical reasoning in either meat eaters or vegetarians when it comes to criticizing their opponents.
  3. Die veggies die! Vegetables suck! Or most of them do! There must be a fast food category for non-meat eaters. I must find it!
  4. I do not want to be in the Vegetarian class. No new cult to own and no new labels to label myself with. I had rather be called a “No meat eater” than a “Vegetarian.” I am not entirely sure why: it could be because of all the bad and negative images I have about the concept of labeling and the idea of many, if not most, vegetarians criticizing all meat eaters. It may also be because I just stopped eating meat and I still feel associated with it more than other kinds of food. I will figure it out soon or eventually, hopefully in an organized time frame.
  5. Plants and all vegetables have been scientifically proven to have life, breathe, have emotions, and feel pain. So at this time, even though I am not eating meat, I am still eating some things which were once alive. Is there something I can eat that was never alive?
  6. How it affects my views about other people and things. My best friend Katie is the only person I think about when I am thinking of situations where my thinking or actions may have a resounding affect on my life. And since I live with her, how do my decisions or actions affect her? I actually told Katie about my decision to not eat meat about 10 minutes after I stopped watching the video. And the resulting impact has been greater than I ever expect. My entire blogging about Vegetarianism and not eating meat will include highly coveted topics of how eating or not eating certain foods can affect not only your own life style but the life style of people you know.

Has not eating meat impacted my life?

Yes. So many years of eating steaks, burgers, sushi and other yummy things does have a big influence on how things are viewed or how things can be viewed. Even last month I bought a brand new domain name to start an all new website dedicated to reviewing the awesome food I taste every day, for I almost eat out daily. Or maybe “ate out daily” may be a better word now. It is actually very strange, or mind boggling, to realize that I will have to give up my dream of start a new website dedicated to reviewing good food. At this moment, I cannot think of any major replacements for the elements that prompted me to love food the way I did before and to review all different kinds of meat.

There have been so many changes from myself, people around me and the way I deal with life itself because of having to eat food everyday that I have now started a whole new category on this site called “Vegetarian.” I would like to call it “No Meat” instead, though Vegetarian, in terms of actually reading about the topic, serves a better purpose here. How long will this continue? Will I always remain a non-meat eater? Only time will tell, I suppose? So The Reasoner will now also showcase the life of a vegetarian. Hmmm.

What do you think? What did you eat today?

What do you think about this? Do you eat meat? Do you eat vegetables and non-meats? What do you think of people who eat meat? What do you think of people who do not eat any meat? Have you seen EARTHLINGS?

This article has indeed been very enlightening for me, as I had to think a lot in order to realize what I was feeling and how I was feeling it. It seems like I have started a new journey, and it may very well be a year or two, or even more, before a single day goes by where I do not have to think what to eat or realize the difference that not eating meat 4 or 5 times a day is bringing into my life and into the people and elements around me, including you.

Thanks for reading. I now have to stop here and go eat my vegetable pizza. 😀 :O