How to cancel your PeoplePC membership

I got Comcast 2 days ago, so I decided to cancel my PeoplePC account for good. I logged into my PeoplePC account and the first thing I noticed was that there was no information provided for customers who wanted to cancel their accounts. Here I will tell you about a few things I noticed along the way. I will also show you five easy steps to canceling your account that can hopefully be done with only a single phone call.

Does PeoplePC ignore cancellation calls on purpose?

One of the main PeoplePC numbers, 1-900-285-8333, results in a “cannot be dialed” message most of the time. Calling 1-866-772-6277 is your best bet when canceling your account. However, I found something interesting when calling to cancel PeoplePC: when I called at certain times during the day to cancel my account, I heard a recorded message that said “PeoplePC is experiencing higher than expected call volumes. You will have to call back at another time when we are not experiencing such high volume of calls. We apologize for any inconvenience.” However, calling for any reason other than canceling connected me to a live person without any issues.

Is this a tactic used by PeoplePC to avoid or ignore cancellation requests by customers? I cannot tell for sure at this moment, and if they were using such a tactic, I am not sure how that would help in the long run.

Five steps to cancel your PeoplePC account

Make sure you backup your PeoplePC emails and settings before canceling. Follow these five steps to cancel your PeoplePC membership:

  1. Call 1-866-PPC-MBRS [1-866-772-6277].
  2. Press 1 to choose option 1, which means you are an existing customer. Then press 3 to choose option 3, which means you want to cancel your account.
  3. If you hear the recorded message that tells you to call back later, try calling back right away and choosing any other option to either get to the technical support or new accounts department. Once you get connected to any person, tell them you want to cancel your account and see if they can help you. Also, try calling 1-900-285-8333 and see if you can get through.
  4. Once you get connected to a person who is willing to cancel your account, you will be asked the reason for your cancellation. I said I was moving and got broadband at the new place. The PeoplePC staff told me that I could use PeoplePC service 3 months for free and see if I preferred the cable internet or the dial-up internet. Instead of laughing, I refused such a modest offer.
  5. Ask for your cancellation number and write it down. Without this number, there is no proof that you canceled your account.

That is it. You may still be able to log into your PeoplePC account for a while. If you wish, you can go ahead and change your personal information like your billing information to something bogus to make sure your real information is not saved on the servers after cancelation or that you are not charged later on for any reason.

3 things to keep in mind when canceling your account

Remember the following 3 things when you call to cancel your account.

  1. Be careful when accepting the “3 more months for free” offer. When the cancellation staff tells you to try PeoplePC for free for 3 more months, you will be charged for the 4th month automatically unless you call to cancel your account, at which time you will be asked to try another 3 months for free. People used to abuse such an offer with AOL by taking advantage of such offers repeatedly until AOL found out that people kept using the service for free for years.
  2. Your account will take at least 24 hours to be deleted. It will take about two to three days before your account is actually canceled, and you can try to log into your account after that to verify your cancellation.
  3. You will not get any refund. You should also know that PeoplePC does not prorate your billing, so if you paid on the 8th of January for the rest of the month and canceled on January 9th, you will not get any money back for the remaining 29 days that you did not use.

I hope that helps. Good luck! :) I will be keeping an eye for for any PeoplePC charges in the upcoming months to make sure the cancelation was permanent and thorough.