Heavy traffic, and the reasons

I remember driving a few years ago, on the night of thanksgiving, and getting stuck on the freeway. Someone was with me, and they told me that there was so much traffic since people were going to places and were also out to buy things.

I also remember driving a while ago on the 4th of July and there was no traffic on the freeway. Someone told me that everyone was already at home doing stuff, hence the free roads.

A few weeks ago someone was going to meet me at a restaurant, and they told me they got there very early, since the freeway was not congested. According to them, it was around 6 in the evening, thus people had already gone home and the rush was over.

I was out today and the traffic was really bad, inching forward every half a minute or so. Someone was with me and they said “The traffic’s bad since it’s around 6 pm, and people are going back home from offices and other places.”

The traffic has remained the same, and the reasons keep changing depending on what everyone sees at the moment a reason is warranted.

I wonder about one thing: is reason relative, or absolute?