Have you ever had a vending machine reject your dollar bill?

How many times have you had a vending machine reject your dollar bills? Many vending machines today can only accept new, crisp dollar bills. Do you have a dollar bill that was rolled up in your pockets recently? Sorry, it won’t be accepted. Do you have a dollar bill that’s so dirty that you can’t see any writing on it? Sorry, the vending machine doesn’t want it. Do you have a dollar bill that’s only slightly worn out and is still accepted anywhere else on the planet? Sorry, the vending machine is out of this world and won’t accept it.

The stamp machines at the post office, as far as I’ve experienced and tested, take most of the dollar bills, whether new or old. I’ve tested dollar bills, that were rejected by vending machines, on stamp machines and they were accepted without any issues. Why can’t vending machines be more like the stamp machines? It’s like credit card companies not learning from the example of government issued id cards, even though the government cards don’t always work. They still work on more occasions than the credit cards when it comes to demagnetization.

“Dear Vending Machine, please don’t discriminate because of the color, age, background and condition of my dollar bill. It still has the same value, like any other dollar bill. Accept my dollar bill, and give me my soda.”