Group Project Entry on Inspiration Bit – Source of Inspiration – Frustration

Vivien from Inspiration Bit invited me for this group project, called “Source of Inspiration“, and I am glad she did. This group project revolves around listing your source, or sources, of inspiration.

I will list here one source of inspiration for my blogging.


We live in a prototype world where things are supposed to be clear but they are not. If we saw problems and did not do anything, we would have no innovation. Even innovations achieved only to make money are because of some entity being frustrated with not making enough money. Besides money, things are supposed to be easy to understand but they are not.

It is easy to make money through someone else’s efforts. It is hard to make an effort yourself.

It is easy to keep saying things are perfect and make money using someone else’s efforts, but the main people who make a difference see a problem somewhere; that is why they try to fix things and improve things in the first place. It pleases me that one can learn and figure out on their own how to fix and understand things, though it frustrates me how people jump into things for selfish reasons and manipulate others for their own gains.

Among the countless other things related to frustrations:

  • Frustration with how things are broken because of narrow mindedness. Focusing on a single transaction or earning money quickly is a sign of narrow mindedness.
  • Frustration with how complex problems have simple solutions, yet many people focus on complicating things further. Many people simply want to show off instead of wanting to fix problems. That showing off probably results in short term popularity or even income, but in the long run, it makes those people appear stupid and selfish for the rest of history.
  • Frustration with how people make money by claiming to promote the concept of ethical value or appreciation, yet in reality you can see in their offline lives and also on their blogs how they do not appreciate anyone, and how their ethical values are limited only to the concept of making more money, not even for their companies but for themselves.
  • Frustration with how many bloggers do not understand that manipulating their users is not something that can be hidden forever. Slowly, one can see through what is written in blog posts and realize that such bloggers only want to aim for retirement, and have no interest in people, customers or even the company they work for. Such people try to make money from everyone as they do not know how to co-exist with others. These people only find fault with others and never in their own selves. Such people cannot be easily hired by companies as they do not know how to have goals or ambitions. Sitting by a swimming pool drinking a drink that costs two dollars is not an ambition.

Those are some of my inspirations, from within one of the main inspiration sources (frustration) to actually do something useful to fix things, and to also blog. Those are some of the sources that prompt me to do things to create things myself and to help others fix things they created. That also allows me to help others create things, and to let others help me fix and create things also.

What about you? What are your sources of inspiration?

As time passes, I might list more sources of inspiration.