Does Vegetarianism Help Animals?

Today we are going to focus on a topic that you have to deal with on a daily basis. This is a behavior that unfortunately, or fortunately, everyone has to go through regularly in order to survive. Food. What is it about hunger that makes each and every living object in the universe seek out something to eat?

Like other things that human beings complain and have conflicts about, food is one thing that has started a huge division among many living things on this planet. This sub-category of the topic of food has resulted in one side of the conflict to be called murderers, and the other side to be called manipulative liars. On one side lies the fate of animals, who are killed for their juicy meat every day. on the other side lies the fate of plants, which are killed for their juicy taste.

Today, we ask the question: Does Vegetarianism Help Animals?

Your hosts today are Bes and Katie.

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No. Vegetarianism does not help animals.

The biggest lie that many vegetarians love to tell others is that they are against violence. Science has proven that all plant life is full of life, biological cells, emotions and feelings also. Plants also have feelings, and plants also feel pain. Thus, being a vegetarianism does not help animals, because animals keep getting killed for various reasons, while vegetarians focus on another, much weaker in many cases, organisms in order to feel better.

Therefore, all vegetarians are also murderers who kill living things.

Vegetarians kill living organisms on a daily basis.

Eating a flower or cabbage does not help animals. Being a vegetarian simply makes us focus on a living object that does not have eyes and that cannot make sounds easily like animals. Thus, if you are a vegetarian, you simply focus on killing a more helpless living object compared to an animal. Animals get killed for many reasons: to enhance and increase the human constructions, to make coats, to create shoes, to make animal byproducts like food, and many more things. All leather-products come from animals. It is one thing to be a vegetarian and like it. It is a completely different thing to ridicule others who are not vegetarians.

Animals will keep dying even if every human being becomes a vegetarian.

Eggs have the potential to be living animals. The same way one can argue that an egg is not yet a living thing, one can argue that young animals which cannot walk or fend for themselves are not yet living animals. Similarly, millions of cows around the world are milked and kept in cages and barns daily. Do vegetarians not drink milk, or anything related to milk, milk powder or eggs?

Being a vegetarian does not help animals. It only creates a feeling of superiority that one is better than other meat lovers, and that by ignoring one hamburger a day, an animal somewhere is being saved. And if that feeling gets ridiculed by a person him/herself, then the feeling of numbers comes into play: the feeling that if more people become vegetarians, then the earth population will be saved.

Vegetarianism does not help animals. How can it? Simply eating a plant, another living organism, is not a solution to the guilt one feels for the abuse and fate that so many different kinds of animals meet in our world due to the behaviors and values of human beings.

By the way, plants do have flesh. And thus, indirectly, a form of meat. Go vegetarians go. While non-vegetarians focus on killing and munching on animals and their flesh, you go and parade on the flesh of plants and other living organisms.

I wonder what the vegetarians think of all the animals in the world that eat humans for food. I do not see any vegetarian doing anything about that.

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No, becoming a vegetarian does not help save animals or reduce their suffering if they indeed have any.


As I sit down to dinner tonight, feasting on roast chicken and mashed potatoes, I bring to you the idea of meat vs. veggies. Does becoming a vegetarian help reduce the deaths and suffering of animals? And I can simply answer that question in one word…NO! Just because a person becomes a vegetarian does not mean they are helping or stopping the deaths of animals. Animals will always be produced for meat or for their natural goods such as milk or eggs. One person will not stop animals being raised for meat. However, one person or many can stop animals from being tortured to death. Animal cruelty is not cool at all. Don’t be whack; continue to save the quack quacks! PETA aka People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, can help you there. If you would like to learn more about the abuses animals face or how you can stop them from being tortured, please take a look at their informative website.


Eating vegetarian can be easy for some. The vegetarians that eat properly can sustain themselves on things like legumes, whole wheat grains, low fat dairy products, and plenty of fruits and veggies. These types of vegetarians know how to eat right and remain healthy. Yet, the vegetarians that load their gullets on a diet of high amounts of fats such as cheeses, breads, butters, and other not so healthy non-meat items. Just because you become a vegetarian does not mean you are eating right. It doesn’t mean you are doing the right thing for you or the animal. We as human beings have been carnivores for millions of years. We need meat protein to survive; or rather we did back in the stone ages. Back then it was for our survival that we chowed down on meat. We needed body fat to live just in case of hardships. In this day and age we can sustain ourselves just fine without it. Our diets have improved greatly; nevertheless animals do provide us humans with a good source of protein. We gain energy from their tasty muscles. We gather strength to carry on our daily activities. They give us reason to gather together and eat and enjoy our lives. So thank you Mr. Cow, you have given me so much in the past. You give me strength, you give me enjoyment, you give me life, and for that I have so much to thank you for.


Becoming a vegetarian should occur for health reasons or if you feel like meat just isn’t your thing. It should, however not be just to save the poor little piggy in the mud pit. He isn’t Babe the pig, or Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web. He is just an overpopulation of wee little piggys. Without us dining on delicious entrees such as pork chops, bacon, or yummy ham there would be too many of them. This includes other critters such as cows, chickens, turkey, and lambs. By eating animals, which we have done for millions of years we help keep the population of animals down. Animals breed like there is no tomorrow, so this helps to reduce the outbreak of unnecessary animals. We should continue to eat or leg of lambs, and veal cutlets, or chicken thighs, and our ham hocks. Yet, in that we should make sure we choose wise places that take care of our beloved little guys in order to live in a better and more peaceful world. Eat at places that care for their animals that slaughter them with the most decency and respect. The places that don’t torture, don’t maim, don’t harm them in anyway. Thank you for reading this article, please don’t let me stop you from enjoying your juicy steak this evening…oh and p.s. wipe the steak sauce off your face.


So there it is. Bes says that Vegetarianism does not help animals. It usually only helps the ego of the so-called vegetarian because animals keep getting killed for other uses, and because all vegetables and plants are living organisms also. Katie thinks that Vegetarians does not help animals. For her, simply becoming a vegetarian will not do much because animals keep getting killed on a massive scale for other meat eaters.

What do you think? What is your view on this? What did you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack today? Do you like vegetables? Do you like red meat? What is your favorite thing to eat? Do you like eating?

Thanks for reading and eating both meat and plants. We really appreciate it. :) And so do the animals who eat meat and plants on a daily basis also.