Can Money Buy You Happiness?

Money can buy you happiness!

If money cannot buy you happiness, why do you work regularly to earn it?

Money can buy you happiness!” Chances are you have come across that sentence before today. Such a saying usually happens in a conversation where the end result is someone yelling at the top of their lungs and emotions: “Money isn’t everything! Money can’t buy you happiness!” Well, today The Reasoner is here to tell you that in our current world, such a saying may be a very stupid thing to say if not thought out properly.

Majority of the problems in the world today exist because of someone or some segments of some population not having enough money. People you know may also be unhappy because of the bills they have to pay. You yourself may be working daily to either have more money or do things that require money. At the same time, for some reason, you and people you know may be hating talking or thinking about money and happiness being associated with each other. Unfortunately, the more you think money does not buy you happiness, the less you will be able to achieve any dream or goal of having a certain amount of money that you would consider satisfactory.

So does money bring you happiness? Let us find out! If you are reading this, you probably used money to afford some sort of a computing device to be able to read this The Reasoner article.

Money buying happiness VS Money bringing happiness

While almost everyone works daily to make more money, almost everyone also has a hatred towards money because such people do not have a lot of money. The entire idea of money being able to buy you happiness is mixed up with the idea that focusing solely on money is the only purpose in life. People who hate the idea of a life revolving solely around money end up confusing the two so much that they develop a feeling that makes them hate associating money with the idea of happiness, which is what many people aim to seek as an end result.

A lot of people mistakenly associate the saying “Money buys you happiness!” with a picture of you being completely unhappy in life and using cash in your hand to buy happiness at a store, ending up being very happy. Many people cite the concepts of health and family when trying to avoid believing that money can bring them happiness. Once you realize that buying something results in happiness coming to you through related channels, you can appreciate the concept of money more.

Some Happy Things That Exist Solely Because of Money

  1. The happiness your children bring to you exists also because money could afford health, food, shelter and even birth for your children.
  2. The happiness food brings you exists also because you bought the food with money.
  3. The happiness any hobby brings you exists also because money allowed you to either buy the tools for that hobby or enough resources elsewhere to be able to afford a hobby in life.
  4. The happiness your spouse can bring you exists also because money enabled the two of you to be able to afford doing things together.
  5. The happiness your health brings you exists also because you are able to monetarily afford health care, cleaner living environment, good food and shelter.
  6. The happiness your friends bring you exists also because money enables you to afford calling them, txting them, msging them, e-mailing them and to visit them in person on foot with your shoes and clothes, on the car, on a donkey, on a ship, on a train and on a plane.
  7. The happiness nature brings your exists also because you are able to afford traveling to or living in an area where you can observe such nature.
  8. The happiness things like painting, music, movies, art and other things bring you exists also because money allows you to buy tools, equipment and tickets for those things.
  9. The happiness being alone brings you exists also because you are monetarily able to afford the necessary resources on your own.
  10. The happiness that money brings you exists also because you are able to afford things like clothes and shoes, education, training and transportation which you apply in some sort of a task, like work, to make you money.

Can Money Bring You Happiness?

Do you think money can buy you happiness? Do you think money helps in bringing you closer to happiness? How many happy things in your life exist or are influenced by money? How many happy things in your life have nothing to do, directly or indirectly, with happiness? What do you think of the above points?

Please share your thoughts or any questions through your comment below. Thank you for reading! I really appreciate it. :)