Breakfast, lunch and dinner times

Do you like having breakfast? How about lunch and dinner? I’m sometimes amused, and sometimes interested, by the different times people have each of these supposed healthy meals. For some people, breakfast is after 6 and before 11, because that is when the breakfast at Carls. Jr. ends. As for me, I don’t usually have breakfast. I have had breakfasts around 12 sometimes, which would be labeled lunch by many others.

How about lunch? For some people, lunch is between 11 and 1, while for others it’s between 12 and 1. It’s very weird, since lunch is somehow dictated not by when we get hungry, but by our class schedule and our lunch break at work. For me, lunch should be celebrated all day, whenever one feels like it. That is why I try to eat all the time. It’s very good, in my opinion.

Now the last part of the day for many: dinner. This is the most interesting time of the day for me, since for me eating dinner at 4 or even 5:30 is very funny. For me, dinner is supposed to be when it is pitch dark. It could be because sometimes I sleep very late, but the idea of having dinner while it’s bright outside seems very, hmmmmm, funny. I have dinner at different times. Sometimes around 6. Sometimes around 8. Sometimes around midnight. Of course, during the whole day I try to nibble or chomp on something from time to time. It’s your body, eat whenever you’re hungry.

How about you? When do you usually have breakfast, lunch or dinner? Do you have specific times throughout the whole year when you eat, or do you eat at times that vary and change depending on something throughout the whole year? What do you think about someone like me, who supposedly eats randomly? Also, what do you think of the small idea, that we already know what time something is supposed to be eaten, given the fact that I didn’t mention AM or PM or any specific part of the day [early morning, late at night, afternoon] throughout this whole post, and somehow you still knew, through assumption probably, which part of the day was being discussed?

Here is a picture of BJ’s pizza, which I love more than, hmmmmm, burgers? Not sure. Anyhow, this was taken as I was exiting the restaurant. I was stuffed and felt like a stuffed bear, or a penguin, and decided to take this pic.