Begging for money while listening to your iPod

People usually make money through two ways. One is through work, and the other is through asking for money. Working usually requires working for a specific task and getting compensation in return. Asking for money usually occurs when one asks someone for money. One is usually borrowing money when asking for it from others. People tend to think that borrowing money is justified simply because of the severity of a situation. Many people do not stop to think that the assets they already have can be sold for cash, like laptops, iPods, or even small things like watches. People are not willing to part with these expensive things simply because of the convenience of having them, yet they expect others to make a sacrifice by giving them money.

A few days ago someone I know told me that she needed a few thousand dollars to buy a plane ticket to visit her family in November. She didn’t have enough money and would not be able to save that much money by then. Now, I know for a fact that she owns many things including a laptop, an iPod, and a lot of jewelry. When I suggested selling some of these, she said that the laptop was needed to get on the internet and keep in touch with people, and that the iPod was something she used everyday, along with jewelry. The logic of this answer didn’t make sense to me, though this logic is something that many people use most of the time when borrowing even when they have money in one form or another. These people have money to spend on jewelry or music or expensive breakfasts at expensive restaurants, yet they cannot part with these things to save a few dollars. They would instead prefer to put someone else in a bad position. I told her that the iPod was just a luxury, and that using the laptop to go online amounted to nothing other than talking to people online during leisure time. If she was really desperate for money, she could easily sell those to get the required money within a week or two.

She shrugged aside that idea, the same way a confused spoiled kid with a lot of money and parental/spousal/significant-others’ support and backup shrugs aside the idea of realizing the reality. She is now asking a few other people for money, and so far, is not getting anything. I wonder why people who claim they are desperate don’t try everything in their power before resorting to borrowing or even complaining. Does it feel good to beg others for money while you’re listening to an iPod or while you have a laptop that you use only to watch movies on? There are too many people who keep thinking they are desperate, yet everyday they have more money hidden in the things they own than most of the people in the world. Of course, most of the people who borrow money say that they would pay back what they borrow. However, just because one can pay back someone later on doesn’t mean they should borrow the money. Why not look at all your options that are within your reach before reaching for other people’s money through borrowing?

Many people think they are special and are suffering in life, but they enjoy different luxuries in life while sticking to the idea of getting sympathy once in a while to feel better and special. Next time you think about borrowing money, you should first exhaust all your options first. If you are not willing to part with your iPod or your favorite watch to come up with some money, why would you expect it to be a logical idea to have someone lend you some of their hard earned money?