Avoid blogging the way you always have been

You may have noticed that your blogging efforts have remained the same since you first started blogging. As time passes, things change, and you should change accordingly. You have to keep refreshing and changing the types of efforts you put into your blog in order to keep your blog appealing to the new changes. Sometimes you can rely on past experience to do things. Sometimes, however, you have to learn new things while not relying on your past experiences. Why? Because you have to keep changing the way you approach your blog in order to have your blog survive in the long run.

Change your blogging regularly to keep updated

We constantly learn new things in order to apply new knowledge to everyday activities. Content has usually been the focus of blogs, and presentation of that content has also been considered important for a while now. If you are still writing the exact same way as you did 10 years ago, chances are your writing may be considered boring by most people. In order to market your content, you have to keep trying new things and new ways to write and present your content. You basically have to constantly change the way you approach your blog writing and other content.

Trends change regularly. Can your blog change regularly too?

10 years ago submitting your site to a few major search engines was considered the only thing necessary to get a lot of new visitors. Today, submitting to even a 100 search engines may not get you enough traffic. People used to focus a lot on guestbooks before. These days, the focus is on comments. 3 years ago, comments were considered by many to be the most important elements on a site. Today, RSS feeds are considered by many to be the most important things on sites. If you wanted your site to be appealing all this time, one approach would have been to submit your site to search engines, have guestbooks, then replace guestbooks with comments, encourage a lot of comments and then start focusing on RSS feeds.

Things keep changing, and you also have to keep changing your blog and blogging techniques in order to keep your blog up to date with the current developments. You can still have great content, delivered in good ways to your blog audience, but the way you come up with content, the way you present your content and the way you aim for your blog readers should constantly change due to the different technologies and trends that keep emerging and affecting blogs and blog readers.

Keep trying new things to get new and improved results

If you keep doing the same thing you always have been doing, you will keep getting the same results that you have always been getting. Do different things to keep getting new and improved results. Yes, the usual advice to “try try again” sounds very cute, but trying the same thing repeatedly only means that you are not willing to try new ways to survive in the constantly changing world. Keep aiming for your goals in different ways while creating new goals and new ways to achieve them along the way. That is the only way to have a blog that can survive in the long run.