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Sponsored Video: True Love and Freedom

What if you haven’t seen your one, true love in a very long time? How would your daily life be affected without their presence around you every day?

Would you be lonely, alone, bored, or miserable? Your heart might feel as if it’s missing a piece and only that person who is your other half can complete it.

That’s what it is like for many men and women who have spouses, boyfriends, and girlfriends who are away fighting for this country’s freedom.

Many service men and women leave behind loved ones every day. They go to other countries and fight for the protection of us and others.

They put themselves in danger each and every day. They fight when many of us would not and for that they are heroes.

The best part for any hero and their loved one is when their tour is over…when they are coming back home to the one they love most. The wait and anticipation of their arrival and of seeing them again is too much!

The excitement is is seeping from every wide smile and joyous tear. And once their plane lands and you run into their arms are you complete once again.

That’s what it is like for many. But what if your boyfriend were to surprise you with more than just returning home? What if he were to surprise you with a marriage proposal?!

For one young lady, this is exactly what happened!

Such a sweet and happy ending!

It is really a surprise of a lifetime and moment to cherish forever! Reunited at last and with a marriage proposal on top of that! Well that just take the icing on the cake!

Let’s remember how important fighting men and women are to us and never forget what they do for all of us. This post is sponsored by the Travel Channel.

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Prometheus – Full Plot and All Trailers

Prometheus is almost upon us.

The Alien Prequel is set to open in theaters on Friday, June 8th, 2012. Or for people like me, at 11:59pm on Thursday, June 8th.

I’m waiting for Prometheus more than any other movie this year. With so many crappy movies coming out, it’s extra invigorating for me to finally see a great movie (or at least a great hope of a movie) come to life this year.

Even Batman as The Dark Knight Rises, which so many people are waiting for, appears boring to me. I loved the first Batman Begins reboot with Christian Bale. Christian Bale was awesome in it, with his entire character portraying a lost human being who is simply angry and hopeless because of losing his parents.

Then The Joker created one of the most interesting characters in cinematic history, putting Christian Bale’s then-and-still ever-weakening-performance to shame.

With all the effort put into trying to make Batman appear philosophical, in the end it’s just a rich guy with a robotic suit fighting bad guys because he is bored with life and wants to feel better about losing his parents. That plot line, the one you just read, appears more normal and exciting than the random gibberish lines they put in Batman just to make the movie sound more intelligent than what it is.

It’s just another Batman movie, and Batman won’t die. You know the ending already.

Prometheus, in contrast, is completely fresh. Ever since the spaceship crash scene in Alien came to light in 1979 (or in the later decades for many of us), everyone has been wondering and dreaming what that spaceship and its content represented.

Now Ridley Scott is giving us the story behind Alien, which will not be related to Alien in terms of a direct prequel. It’s completely fresh, or at least appears to be. It’s a completely different movie plot than the entire Alien series it seems. A different universe, and different life forms completely.

With so many sites and blogs talking about Prometheus, it was kind of hard finding the different official pieces of Prometheus media released by Ridley.

I went around and collected all the trailers here, in one page. Also included is the entire Prometheus film plot that people have been able to gather from all these trailers. (more…)

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The Songs J. Lo Copied And The One Song Those Songs Copied

Last week Katie was listening to Jennifer Lopez’s song “On the Floor ft. Pitbull” in the other room and I immediately recognized the tune from that song. That entire main tune was an exact copy from an Indian song I had heard millions of years ago. I jumped onto Google and started writing in English the faint lyrics and tune I had in my head. Within 10 minutes I had the answer.

Jennifer Lopez’s song “On the Floor ft. Pitbull” from her upcoming album “Love?” is without any doubt a copy from 4 older songs from 4 different countries. Here’s the full “On the Floor ft. Pitbull” song by J. Lo:

So where did she get her song from? It’s obvious that she actually copied her song from anywhere from 1 to 4 famous songs from 1980’s and 1990. The oldest of these 4 songs is the original song that invented and created the exact melody that you can see being literally copy pasted into J. Lo’s song. Let us look at each of those 4 songs one by one to see which song she may have copied from, or if she copied from more than one song.

[youtube t4H_Zoh7G5A]

The Famous 1990 Indian Song


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28 Things Learnt From Ingluorious Basterds

Inglourious Basterds official movie poster 1 - by Quentin Tarantino, starring Brad PittLong time ago, there was a big war. A war that covered most of the world. A war that affected many people. A war that also resulted in many people simply leading on their regular lives while realizing that a war may be going on in the world. And before 2009, there were other big wars too. The last big war of the world, the biggest of them all since then in many proportions, and separate from the war you had with your family or friends this week, has probably been World War II.

World War II, while focusing mainly on the expansion of Germany and German-Allies forces, also took a very strange turn when it focused, as one of its main primary objectives, in the elimination of the Jewish Population. Antisemitism had reached one of the bigger peaks among the German populations and media, and this resulted in majority of the population, and the military, supporting a big action taken on behalf of Hitler: to jail and kidnap all Jewish presence in German-occupied lands, and to eventually kill all Jewish people as part of Hitler’s “final solution.”

Today I would like to talk a bit about 28 things I learnt from the movie “Ingluorious Basterds“, by Quentin Tarantino, and how it compares to history and our senses. (more…)

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5 Reasons Most Movies Are Not Impressive

I love watching movies at the movie theaters. The screens are big, the sound is louder and better, and I get to immerse myself more into the world created by the movie than is usually possible if I watched the same movie on a DVD at home. I also get to experience the reaction of others around me, which tells me how the movie appeals or does not appeal to certain people and their specific personality traits.

It seems, however, that as I watch more movies, the more bored I am with most of them. The surprising element in many movies has gone; majority of the movies depend on loud and sudden terror sounds in order to surprise you, and that is the only part of the movie where you will feel impressed by anything.

Following are 5 reasons many movies are boring. Please note that I decided to choose movies as they came to mind, so I may not have talked about movies that I usually talk about in person.

Beware! Some very basic movie spoilers ahead, and also my Amazon links.

5 Reasons Most Movies Are Not Impressive


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Hiding movies to create demand for their remakes

The brilliant Korean movie “OldBoy” used to be carried by both Blockbuster and However, I’ve started to see many Blockbuster locations discard that title from their inventory. I recently asked a few employees at a few BlockBuster stores for reasons behind such a move, and was told that the decision to remove titles from inventory depended on the demand for the movie and the contract with the companies that market the movie. The reason for not having a movie like OldBoy available at Blockbuster anymore could also be because of that fact that Hollywood is remaking the movie into an English version slated to be released in 2008. More and more foreign movies are being taken off the shelfs quietly at big movie chain stores like Blockbuster and online stores like Amazon, in order to make way and create more demand for the Hollywood remakes.

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Music 4 Music – Episode 4, Volume 2

Sunday sunday sunday. It’s sunday, and for many people summer is already here. Here is the music lineup for today: two songs that you might like. One is “Cruel Summer” by Bananarama, the 1989 version, and “Somebody Told Me” by The Killers.

These songs will be available for the next three days. Enjoy!

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Music 4 Music – Episode 3, Volume 2

It’s time for another music post; better late than never. There are two songs for today. One is “Touch Me” by Dj Tiesto, and the other one is “Don’t Go” by Yazoo. Yazoo needs no introduction, and DJ Tiesto is being slowly considered to be the world’s greatest DJ.

These songs will be available for the next three days. Enjoy!

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Music 4 Music – Episode 2, Volume 2

Time for another music post. There are two songs for today. One is “A little respect” by Erasure, and the other one is “Good Boys” by Blondie.

These songs will be available for the next three days. Enjoy!

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Music 4 Music – Episode 1, Volume 2

It’s been a while since the last music post. Here it is; the new year and a new volume of the series. There are two new music files today. One is the Dr. Alban classic “It’s My Life” Sash! Remix, released in 1992 to become one of best tracks ever released in the 90’s. If you want, you can read Dr. Alban’s short biography to see how interesting it is.

The other song is by the eccentric Pet Shop Boys called “West End Girls“, from 1984. You don’t know the 80’s music if you don’t know this song and this band, which continues to dazzle even today; to put it briefly, without them, 80’s would have had a big hole in it, like a donut. They complete the entire decade of good 80’s music.

These songs will be available for the next three days. Enjoy!

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