April 2007 RAW Timeline and Summary

The April 2007 Reader Appreciation Week is over. That means we now have to choose any day on our own as reader appreciation day and give back to our readers. I would suggest giving back to the readers everyday in the form of respect and communication. Building bonds with all your commentors is great. If building special bonds with everyone is too hard for you, doing it with a select few is also a step in the right direction. In this post I will outline the summary of events that happened during 2007 April’s Reader Appreciation Week.

This post will be updated with more info as time passes. I will outline the April 2007 RAW events in three ways:

  1. Daily timeline
  2. Winner by winner summary
  3. Prizes awarded summary

Daily timeline

  1. Monday, April 9th
    • Shawn was announced as the 1st RAW winner
  2. Tuesday, April 10th
    • Shawn, the first winner, did not respond within 24 hours, so Penguins was chosen as a replacement. Penguins was thus the new 1st winner.
    • Jerine was announced as the 2nd RAW winner
  3. Wednesday, April 11th
    • Lisa Saarloos became the 3rd RAW winner
    • Penguins, the 1st RAW winner replacement, claimed $100 cash via money order
    • Jerine, the 2nd RAW winner, gave up her prize so that others can benefit. Sawai was chosen as the 2nd RAW winner replacement because of that. Sawai will get a prize when he visits Bes.
  4. Thursday, April 12th
    • Raurie was the 4th RAW winner.
    • Lisa Saarloos was considered *missing* by me, as she had not responded to me within 24 hours. Stacee was announced the 4th RAW winner replacement.
  5. Friday, April 13th
    • SP was the 5th RAW winner and claimed a free domain name renewal for a year
    • Lisa Saarloos, the honored 3rd RAW winner, contacted me. I then decided to award her a prize also because of the time difference and because I realized people have busy lives. Both Stacee and Lisa get the 3rd RAW winner prize/gift. Lisa got an Amazon gift certificate via e-mail.
    • Raurie, the 4th RAW winner, chose $50 JCPenny gift card as her gift.

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Prize Winner timeline

  1. 1st Winner

    1. Shawn announced as the 1st winner.
    2. Penguins announced as the replacement winner for Shawn. Penguins claimed $100 cash via money order.
  2. 2nd Winner
    1. Jerine announced as the 2nd winner
    2. Jerine gave away her gift to another random winer. That random winner was Sawai. Sawai will get a prize when he visits Bes.
  3. 3rd Winner
    1. Lisa announced as the 3rd winner. Lisa claimed an Amazon.com gift certificate.
    2. Stacee announced as the 3rd winner replacement also. Stacee is thinking about which prize to choose.
    3. Two winners, Lisa and Stacee, were chosen as 3rd place winners.
  4. 4th Winner
    1. Raurie was chosen as the 4th winner. She claimed a $50 JCPenny gift card.
  5. 5th Winner
    1. SP was chosen as the 5th winner. SP chose a one year domain renewal.

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Prizes awarded so far

  • $100 money order to Penguins
  • Amazon gift card to Lisa
  • Domain name renewal payment for SP
  • $50 JC Penncy gift card to Raurie
  • Lots of fun and food for Sawai for when he visits Bes

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Almost everyone has claimed a gift so far

I am still waiting for 2 friends to choose their gifts. So far, things have been going smooth. I feel less trauma now because of the prizes going away, as the shocks came in sudden and big bursts instead of slow and painful torture. After the final 2 winners have been awarded their gifts, I can move on with my life and try to be happy! :)

What do you think about this timeline so far?

Please let me know what you think of this time so far. Was it easy to understand? Do you have any suggestion on how I can improve it or clarify it further? I would really appreciate it.

Thank you for reading. :)