5 Ways To Be Professional Anywhere

I run into different kinds of people everyday, and I notice that almost everyone acts a little bit unique in different situations. While many people try to be nice to others, it seems that they also try to be professional in different areas of life. Many people think that being professional requires one to be in a business situation or be in a situation related to making money. In my view, professionalism has nothing to do with the workplace. In fact, being professional means you act sensible and responsible in every situation, both business and non-business.

I would like to present to you 5 of the many simple ways to be professional anywhere, whether it is your personal blog, to your neighbors, or even during arguments. I think this list will help more of us realize how professionalism can be applied to many parts of our life, and not just business or work.

5 Ways To Be Professionals Anywhere

  1. Be honest:

    Hiding a fact is one thing. Hiding a fact to manipulate someone to their own disadvantage is a completely different thing. Being honest means you do not lie to others, and that you do not try to manipulate others without their knowledge, to their own disadvantage, by keeping them in the dark about something.

  2. Do what you say:

    This can be noticed on many blogs and in the offline world, where many people will make promises and then later either not keep them, or fulfill them in ways differently than originally proclaimed. Some people even pretend to do what they say by simply preaching others repeatedly about good things, like telling others to be honest or to appreciate others.

  3. Focus on both your and other’s well being:

    What many people both in the offline and online worlds do not realize is that being in a situation where two people are doing a trade does not mean you have to focus only on the money you can make. You also have to focus on what you are giving to the other person to ensure that the other person gets a fair deal too. If you pretend to offer a fair deal to someone else, when in reality the deal is only fair for you, you are not being professional. Many online blogs and businesses today make a lot of money, but they are not professional as their customers and readers are getting nothing but an illusion of a fair trade.

  4. Be respectful:

    Being respectful means not hurting the other person’s character or personality directly if you have the chance, even if the other person hurts your character or personality. If you disagree with someone for any reason, you focus only on disagreeing with arguments, not with people who disagree with you. If you want to disagree with someone or something, you express your frustration without forcing the other person to become frustrated on purpose.

  5. Not getting too personal:

    Not getting too personal involves not divulging unnecessary information from your end, and not asking for unnecessary information either. Telling someone how your boyfriend/girlfriend had an argument with you can be an answer to a question “How did he/she argue with you?“, but telling someone bad things about your boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s friends and family can be too much information. Similarly, if someone you meet for the first time only wants to be your friend but you want an intimate relationship right away, that is getting too personal. Getting too personal also involves asking too many personal questions just because you are bored or you want to make a conversation.

That is my list of 5 of the many things that make you a professional person. Professionalism is a word that seems to stem from the concept of having a profession, but professionalism itself is not limited to any profession or even the idea of having at least a work place. In theory, you can be professional anywhere, anytime, no matter who you are or what your age is.

What is your opinion on this? Can you think of something else that can make a person professional, or more professional? Do you think being professionalism means you must have a job or a profession, and that you must be in a business or job related situation?

Thank you for reading. :)