5 Stupid Reasons People Get Married

Marrying for Stupid Reasons

Are you a victim of stupid marriage reasons?

Marriage. It is a sacred word in all of the major religions of the world. It is also the most cherished word for people who consider the idea of putting a ring on someone’s finger to be the final frontier to conquer. For many people, the idea of marriages seems to assure them that their relationship is real. A marriage for them usually binds 2 people together forever. What could be wrong with getting married then, right?

Millions of people get married every year. Millions of people get divorced every year too. The entire concept of marriage for many people seems to be an eternal unbreakable trust, that usually ends up being broken for various reasons. While figuring out the reasons why someone gets divorced can be good, figuring out the reasons why someone gets married is even better. If you can figure out the reason you got married or want to get married, you can also probably figure out whether or not you are headed for a stupid marriage.

You are lucky if your marriage is set for anytime after today. Because you can see if you are getting married for 5 stupid reasons that many other people do. If you are already married, then hopefully the 5 stupid reasons below will not jeopardize your existing marriage because of you realizing their relevancy to you.

5 Stupid Reasons People Get Married

  1. Love at First Sight.

    The entire idea of love at first sight revolves around the concept of sexual attraction. Many people get into the marriage relationship solely because they are sexually attracted to someone they meet during the first few times. That is one of the reasons people cheat on each other, because of finding someone else after the marriage to whom they are sexually attracted to. Love at first sight is simply the same as sex at first light.

  2. To Plan a Wedding.

    With the idea of individuality comes the concept of recognition. It is easy to be recognized as part of a group if you are religion, political, or part of any kind of affiliation. Such affiliations exist solely to promote their idea and to tell all other ideas that they suck. Well, for many people, marriage allows them to stand out from others because of the wedding. Wedding day is a status quo for many people, allowing people to focus on food, the wedding dress, the people and the setting. So many people spend their entire effort on a wedding day that their marriage gets no effort or thought whatsoever. No wonder so many people appear to be stuck with each other unwillingly after the wedding day.

  3. To Follow Their Family, Cultural and Religious Order to Get Married.

    The most brainwashing and popular reason, getting married because your family, culture or religion tells you to show that your life purpose is to serve and obey those 3 brainwashing elements of family, culture and religion. Many people get married solely because religion tells them to. In the end, the 3 elements of brainwashing or control are just telling everyone to get married so that the woman can get impregnated in order to create more followers and supporters for that family, culture or religion.

  4. To Keep the Boy/Girlfriend forever.

    This is a very popular reason to get married in order to make sure the significant other does not find someone else. Putting a ring on someone or being in a wedding ceremony kind of makes people feel they own the other person. Such marriages exist because the husband or the wife would otherwise not be able to stay together with the other person.

  5. To Take the Relationship a Step Up.

    This is the trickiest reason to decipher, yet it is also a very common reason among many people. Many people get married because it seems like the logical thing to do. They may have already done a lot of other things in the relationship in order to be with one another. The only thing left to do would seem to be getting married. While the logic behind such a move is understandable, the reasoning is weak because it creates a marriage based on creating further interest in the other person, instead of being in a marriage based on existing interest in the other person. This may be the least stupid reason of the other 5 stupid reasons listed here.

Did You Get Married for Stupid Reasons?

So many people spend so much time on the idea of a marriage that they forget why they are getting married. And with so many weddings around us, we ourselves slowly start to forget some of the typical reasons that may influence our own marriage plans.

What do you think of the above points? Do any of these points apply to you or your marriage? Do you know any people who got married for stupid reasons?

Please share your thoughts, stories or questions by commenting below. Thank you for reading. I really appreciate it! :)