5 Reasons Being a Vegetarian Can Be Bad

Since I wrote this post, I’ve become a vegetarian full-time and everything explained in this article is now different. Amazing turn, isn’t it? Check out my vegetarian related articles. Be sure to Like The Reasoner on Facebook too.

It has been 21 days since I decided to stop eating meat. Do I like being a vegetarian? Yes, it is a different kind of life now. I have to completely change my lifestyle and go through a process of rewriting or re-planning many things that had been conditioned into my daily activities. That is a very good thing in my view, for it is better to realize why I do things than to actually be a robot that does things without realizing them.

I do not feel the light beaming down from the skies and making me feel different. I do, however, feel like a completely different human being because I have to change everything I know and used to think of daily when it comes to food. I have to eat different, plan where I can find food for myself, and I have to deal with the mental and physical changes that are starting to happen because of my decision to stop eating meat.

5 reasons being a vegetarian can be bad

Can vegetarianism be bad for you?

I have, however, experienced many bad things that are happening because of my decision to become a vegetarian. They have not changed my views and the reasons why I became a vegetarian even a bit. Even then, I would like to share with you what I am experiencing or feeling so that you can make up your mind as to whether or not the beginning and fundamental changes below will affect your decision to stop eating meat.

Let us see the 5 reasons why becoming a vegetarian can be bad for you. The best way to avoid such reasons is to realize them beforehand or to address them once any signs point out to their existence.

5 Reasons Being a Vegetarian Can Be Bad

  1. It can make you feel weak.

    One of the most surprising things you may notice after you stop eating meat, like I did, is the feeling of weakness. You can start feeling physically weak, lazy or even sleepy. Such things may be signs of your body not having enough nutrients that it previously got on a regular and permanent basis from the meat you ate. So it is very important to realize what changes your body may go through when you start eating things other than meat.

  2. It can make you unhealthy.

    The sudden absence and disappearance of meat from your daily food intake may most probably result in your body not getting enough food overall, resulting in you either usually be more hungry compared to before or feel malnourished. One steak may provide you enough food for a 12 hour time period with no pain, while even 3 bowls of salad may result in you feeling pain in your stomach within a 12 hour time period. Your body may simply be used to eating meat in order to feel well nourished.

  3. It can affect your daily routines.

    Because of not eating meat, you may not want to talk about or see things related to animals being killed, and you may have to start doing different things compared to before. You will have to stop going to almost every restaurant that you know of, and instead you would have to check in first with many restaurants to see if they have something more than a lettuce that you can eat.

  4. It can affect people around you because of the changes in your outdoor eating habits.

    This may be the least obvious change, but it is also the one that may prove to be the most resistant against your change. All of your activities with people you hang out and live with will most probably change if you stop eating meat. Many people may respect you enough to not eat meat in front of you, though that may bother you, like it bothers me. Many people may simply ask you questions all the time to ridicule or poke fun at you not eating meat, and others may simply complain that you are indirectly forcing them to not go to most restaurants. Your actual relationships with such people can get affected because of your decision to stop eating meat.

  5. It can make you start being prejudiced against people who eat meat.

    This may very well be the strongest thing that can hurt you when you become a vegetarian. The same way many meat eaters consider themselves to be in a group that makes fun of the people who cannot eat meat, the vegetarians also have such classes of people which live every day to focus on making the life of meat eaters either miserable or full of guilt. Many vegetarians believe that vegetarianism is a religion, and that they have to convert everyone else to it. For me, such a form of extremism is very bad, which is why I have decided to not care at all about what people eat. My wife and best friend eats meat regularly, and I would never even think of asking her to consider stopping eating meat just because I do. If you do not become a vegetarian solely for your own individual life and reasons, you will end up hurting your own self and making your shift toward vegetarianism a bad, unhappy one.

What do you think?

These 5 reasons are the strongest things that I can feel would affect many people who may ever consider becoming a vegetarian, including you. I continue not eating meat, and I continue trying anything different now. I have tried eating more vegetables and non-meat foods in these 21 days of not eating meat than I probably did all my life. Realizing the above 5 things makes it much, much easier for me to avoid them or not let them affect me much or at all.

What do you think of the above points? Do you think they would apply to you if you became a vegetarian? Do you think they applied to you when you became a vegetarian? Which of these points would you warn others about who want to become vegetarians?

Thank you for reading! :) I really appreciate it. It is now 1:34am. I have to go find something to eat in the fridge because I feel faint for avoiding eating fake meat ((So many meatless food choices!)) for the sake of finishing this article.

Since I wrote this post, I’ve become a vegetarian full-time and everything explained in this article is now different. Amazing turn, isn’t it? Check out my vegetarian related articles. Be sure to Like The Reasoner on Facebook too.