3rd April 2007 RAW Winner, 2nd Winner Replacement, and 1st Winner Winning

Today is Wednesday, April 11th, 2007. That means I have chosen the 3rd winner for the Reader Appreciation Week. There are two updates today. There are three updates today. The first update is to announce the winner for today, and the second is to announce a confirmed replacement winner for the first day’s prize where I did not hear back from the first winner. The third update below is to announce another replacement for yesterday’s winner who, surprisingly, declined to accept any prize.

I have updated the RAW Prizes page to show the latest changes of who has claimed what prize, and the prizes which are still available.

Lisa Saarloos is the third April RAW April 2007 Winner

Lisa is the 3rd RAW APRIL 2006 winnerThe random number for today was 26, and that means Lisa is the winner for today’s Reader Appreciation Week giveaway! Lisa was a commentor on this site until about exactly a year ago. April 12th, 2006 was when she last commented on my post about the idea of library having carrying bags. I have e-mailed Lisa regarding this entry to her contact e-mail that I know from 2006. Lisa, please contact me within 24 hours and claim any available prize. :)

1st RAW Winner Replacement Claims Prize

Penguins, the replacement for the first winner, has responded and claimed the $100 prize from the RAW prize list. I will be mailing a money order to Penguins today. I was beginning to think no one will claim the $100 because of me having a hard time finding a confirmed winner, but I was wrong. So officially I have so far awarded one prize to one confirmed winner! The post offices are still open as I type this, so now it is time for me to mail award the prize and start crying under my bed for a few hours later tonight.

2nd April 2007 RAW Winner passes on the prize offer

Now onto more strange things. Jerine, the winner from yesterday’s giveaway, has declined accepting any prizes as she said she has not recently been active on my site and thus would like to have someone else nominated to the site who is more active. Jerine is a good friend of mine, and if you read her blog, you can see that she sticks with her decisions most of the times. Thus, I decided not to stalk and force her to accept my prize, and instead have chosen to find a replacement winner as she suggested.

Sawai is the 2nd RAW APRIL 2006 Winner ReplacementIn order to choose a replacement winner, I thought of a random number from 1 to 100, as that is where most of the active commentors are placed within. The random number I came up with was 4, which is Sawai. Congratulations! You are the replacement for the 2nd RAW Prize Winner! Please contact me within 24 hours to claim any of the available prizes on the RAW prize list. :)

Whoever wins the 2nd April 2007 Raw prize, please thank Jerine for being kind enough to give up her prize in order to help other people. :)

Other people who are giving away RAW prizes today

Following are some of the people who are giving away prizes during the Reader Appreciation Week. Please go to the following listed websites directly if you wish to find out more ways to win on those sites during this week. Thank you. :) Please contact me if you wish for your site to be added to the list below.

Thank you everyone. :)