10 Reasons People Hate You On Facebook

The Reasoner: 10 Reasons People Hate You On Facebook

Do People Hate You On Facebook?

Facebook is considered the most popular and widely used social networking site in today’s world. The closest competitors, Twitter and MySpace, both have already drawn a lot of criticism because of the annoying things people can do on those two networks. People get criticized a lot for tweeting too much on Twitter, and people get blocked on MySpace for having backgrounds that give other people seizures and vision problems. Facebook is no different when it comes to getting people hated for their annoying habits.

With anything that becomes popular with the mainstream communities comes the chance of a lifetime: make people hate you! Like email, Facebook can be used properly and Facebook can be abused in order to gain something. Some people abuse other Facebook users by spamming them with money-making program links and messages, while others abuse their contacts through inappropriate tags. In the end, you can easily annoy other people and make them hate you by doing some specific things.

So today, let us go through the Facebook journey of losing your face among your Facebook friends and contacts. You and I are going to explore the 10 reasons, or ways, you make people hate you on Facebook.

10 Reasons You Are Hated On Facebook

  1. You leave dumb comments.

    lol” and “haha!” are not dumb comments. Posting something not related to a status message or advertising something as a comment to someone are examples of dumb comments.

  2. You leave angry, rude comments.

    Everyone in the world has probably gotten angry at one time or another. You may get angry at someone or at their status message, though it will make people hate you if you start posting angry and rude comments to their status messages.

  3. You tag people in spammy or unrelated photos and videos.

    I get tagged so much in photos and videos that have nothing to do with me that I have started saving such photos and videos in order to study them and find a connection among them. I usually get tagged by stereotypically freaky “Democratic Iran” and “Make >$2000 in less than 24 hours” videos. Avoid tagging people in things that have nothing to do with those people. In the end, you are simply spamming people with a link that makes people visit your photo or video.

  4. You spam the same people with different Facebook App invites.

    Zoosk app spam on Facebook

    Zoosk Facebook App spam - do you Zoosk others?

    Mafia, Farmville, Fishville, Causes, Quiz Planet, Texas HoldEm Poker, Zoosk and others. All of these and other apps promote the idea of having you suggest your installed Facebook application to all of your friends repeatedly. This allows people to spam other people with application invites on an almost daily basis. This is probably the most powerful way to make people hate you.
  5. You spam the same people with repeated Facebook Page invites.

    A Facebook Page allows people to have Facebook profiles for companies, groups and related things. Every Facebook Page allows you to invite all of your personal Facebook friends. One of the more powerful ways to make people hate you is to constantly send them invitations to your Facebook Page on an almost daily basis.

  6. You spam the same people with promotional messages and comments.

    Facebook messages allow you to send private messages, like emails, within Facebook itself. Many people, however, send you daily newsletters of promotional materials via Facebook messages. Just like emails, Facebook messages are personal and private, and unless someone gives you direct consent to send them commercial mail, avoid doing so unless you want them to hate you.

  7. You start Facebook chats with everyone repeatedly, only to promote your services in the end.

    This is a new trend I am noticing. A lot of people will start Facebook chats with me using the Facebook Chat toolbar button on the bottom of all Facebook page display and ask a personal question or two before pitching their business to me. Back in 1745, people were new to the idea of being marketed to, resulting in anyone being asked a personal question first becoming less resistant to the idea of being pitched an offer afterward within the same conversation. Today, because of our entire world being full of advertisement and sales pitches, it is easy to spot your real money-making intentions when you ask me “How are you doing today?

  8. You are a pervert.

    MySpace is full of them. Twitter is full of them hiding. And Facebook is full of them wanting to come out into the open. Avoid making perverted comments or messaging people on Facebook just because you find them beautiful. All of your comments are visible to others, and the general rule for many people is to stay away from perverts.

  9. You keep re-adding people as friends, after deleting them repeatedly.

    Many Facebook people delete their friends because of getting mad or upset over something. Sometimes, you may have the tendency to overreact or lose temper a lot, resulting in you deleting many people repeatedly and then re-adding them afterward. Avoid such a trend if you do not want the people to hate you because of you making them go through the drama of having to add you more than once.

  10. Post private information about others as your Facebook status.

    Stupid Facebook Breakup by Kevin & A Resulting Angry Comment by Shannon

    How Kevin & Shannon posted too much info on Facebook - are you like them?

    Publicly complaining about someone for private reasons shows that you mean business when it comes to wanting to ruin the reputation or feelings of someone in public. Avoid dishing out details about private information, accusations or situations about other people that they may not want to be public. Posting bad things about your ex while publicly telling everyone which ex you are talking about, talking about an ex-client solely because they left you, and publicly pointing out people who do not reply to you immediately on Facebook are some examples of how you can get hated on Facebook by anyone who comes across your hate-inducing behavior.

Do you do any of the things listed above? Do you know someone on Facebook who does these things?

The above 10 methods will most probably, or even surely, allow at least one of your Facebook friends to hate you, and to maybe even defriend you. In the end, people still get by on Facebook while being hated by hundreds of other people. Do you know such people? Do you think you may be hated by others because of what you do on Facebook? Which of the above 10 reasons are acceptable to you while being on Facebook? Which one do you like or dislike the most?

Please share your thoughts about this in the comments below. Thank you! Now I have to go and look at the 608 combined notifications and requests I have on Facebook.