Explore Amsterdam With A Mini Cruise


photo credit: mau_ry via photopin cc

photo credit: mau_ry via photopin cc

The city of Amsterdam is arty and watery. There are many faces to the city: the cultural aspect with its famous museums and extraordinary artistic history; the somewhat seamy side with the well-known red light district featuring nightclubs, bars, jazz clubs and coffee shops; and the souvenir circuit of cheese and flower markets. Amsterdam has many canals and waterways so the best way to get around is by boat and many tourists take advantage of this water network to visit the city.
City Cruises

The Venice of the north does not have gondolas but it offers many tours and trips along its canals. Mini cruises are perfect for those who want to make the most of their Amsterdam holiday and visit the wonderful attractions that it boasts of because the said cruises are specifically to help customers make the most of their trip on board a grandiose vessel. Mini cruises last one hour or longer and evening cruises include dinner and drinks.
Cultural Icons

Amsterdam is a city overflowing with cultural attractions. This goes to show that Amsterdam has a lot to offer; tourists and visitors in search of cultural fulfillment will not be disappointed.
Cultural Sites

Your mini cruise will take you to cultural sites such as the Rijksmuseum, Rembrandt Square and the Anne Frank House. From the boat you can admire the beautiful old Dutch canal houses that date from Amsterdam’s golden age of prosperous trade and artistic creation. The canals that encircle the older area of the city are part of a Unesco Heritage site.
Many boats travel the canals, from mini cruisers to canoes; they share the canals with families of ducks, swans and other aquatic animals, many of whom make nests under the bridges. This is the surprising nature side of this watery city so rich in history, art and cultural icons, all of which can be appreciated during an edifying mini cruise on Amsterdam’s canals.

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Cancun Culture: Old and New

photo credit: archer10 (Dennis) via photopin cc

photo credit: archer10 (Dennis) via photopin cc

Cancun Culture: Old and New

Cancun holidays have a reputation worldwide for being party-party-party for students, but spring break is only two weeks a year, and Cancun has a huge amount of culture to offer the more discerning holidaymakers too!

Old meets new

Although the area has been settled for thousands of years, the Mexican government only began to develop Cancun as a holiday resort from the late 1960s. It’s therefore full of modern amenities and is

built for tourism, but the history of the area provides a unique mixture of modern and ancient, all in one place.



photo credit: archer10 (Dennis) via photopin cc

Mayan Cancun

The Mayan civilisation spanned more than 3000 years, and at its peak had one of the most culturally advanced societies in the world. Archaeological evidence of their existence can be found throughout Mexico, including Cancun.

There are Mayan Ruin tours leaving from Cancun all the time,  however if you’d like to explore the area yourself, head to El Rey, Chichen Itza, Tulum and Coba. There’s also a Maya Museum recently opened in the city.

Old Town Cancun

Cancun’s Old Town, also known as El Centro or ‘downtown’, is separate from the more developed Hotel Zone, and contains the heart of the city. Visit the local flea markets like Mercado 28,  where you can buy just about anything, have your keys cut or your computer repaired, or get a tattoo, all under one roof!

Other great old town destinations are Tulum Avenue, El Parque de Las Palapas, and Avenida Yaxchilan, for a true experience of the area, with bars, restaurants and shops buzzing with life.

Ecological theme parks

Cancun is an eco-friendly city, with many ecological theme parks for the environmentally concerned traveller. Visit Xplor, an underground world of natural caves. Or if you’re more into flora and fauna, visit Xcaret. It’s 2.5 miles out of Cancun and provides activities based around Mexico’s natural history.


photo credit: dMap Travel Guide via photopin cc

photo credit: dMap Travel Guide via photopin cc

Underwater exploration

No trip to Cancun would be complete without taking part in a water-based activity. If you’re enticed by scuba diving or snorkelling, consider Cancun’s Underwater Museum, an installation of over 460 breath taking life size sculptures submerged under water alongside corals and marine life.

Cancun is the ideal destination for travellers looking for a mixture of ancient and modern, and with huge amounts of history in the area, you’ll certainly find what you’re looking for.


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The Ultimate Road Trip to Explore the US

photo credit: Kay Gaensler via photopin cc

photo credit: Kay Gaensler via photopin cc

The road trip is a great American tradition. The United States is a large country with different kinds of landscapes – from beautiful coastlines in California to city skyscrapers in New York and rolling grass plains such as those in the Great Plains region. Desert regions may appear dry and arid, and they are literally, but they make for scenic road trips. A drive between the Grand Canyon in Arizona and Las Vegas in Nevada is highly recommended. While a six hour long drive may seem daunting at first, you will get a chance to drive through amazing American outback and visit the Grand Canyon which was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Things to consider when planning your road trip

While this trip is guaranteed to be gratifying, it is a long haul, just under six hours. For this reason you must carefully plan your route, itinerary and who will be joining you. It is important not to set a full or over-ambitious agenda. Rather be realistic about how many places you are able to see. It is a good idea to research which tourist attractions you will stop to see. Choose a route that contains popular attractions and budget time for long stops.

There are hundreds of road trip routes in the United States. For example, the drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, others drive along the Pacific Coast (a road trip filled with amazing scenery). The drive from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon is filled with natural scenery, the grueling desert, and you get to experience natural beauty at its best when you take in the view at the Grand Canyon.

What to do

Now that you have decided to take your trip from The Grand Canyon to Las Vegas, you are wondering what you can see and do along the way. You will be driving along the Colorado River which navigates some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country. The drive from Arizona to Las Vegas is around 5 hours long. It is a good idea to take a break from driving by stopping at the Grand Canyon National Park to spend some time gazing at the beautiful Grand Canyon. Most visitors at the Park view the Canyon’s South Rim, which has a beautiful panoramic view of the Grand Canyon.

River & Ridges

photo credit: Phil Wells SD via photopin cc

After a long hot day exploring the Grand Canyon you should make your way back to Las Vegas. Because Las Vegas is such as popular destination, you should make your hotel reservation at least a month before you leave home. There are many fancy hotels in Vegas: from the Bellagio to the new Aria Resort & Casino Las Vegas. These are world-renowned five star hotels and the perfect accommodation if you want the full Vegas experience. The Aria has an amazing restaurant and a dazzling casino. Remember to reserve your suite well in advance. But if Vegas is out of your budget, you can head home after seeing the Grand Canyon and gamble online at Euro Palace online casino.

A road trip across the USA will prove to be an unforgettable experience. It is important to plan well and enjoy the natural beauty of the country.

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Travel in Tunisia: What to see and where to go

Tunisia is a small country but packed with things to see and do. The northernmost country in Africa, it’s a place with a rich Arabic culture and European influences. There are many types of spectacular scenery in Tunisia, from beautiful coasts to rugged mountains and wide-open deserts. The wide range of natural and man-made attractions includes several must-sees and must-dos for visiting tourists.

Tackle the Desert

The deserts of Tunisia may seem dry and barren, but they offer some of the most spectacular scenery on Earth. There is a range of activities and tours that will help you to tackle the desert safely and enjoy the views it has to offer. You can ride out into the Sahara on a camel, as countless travellers and traders have throughout the centuries. Alternatively, you could ride by horse and cart to see one of the lush oases that thrive in the midst of dry sand. Or stay in the now and travel by 4×4, which is a spectacular experience when tackling sand dunes.


See Sidi Bou Said

Sidi Bou Said is a truly picturesque coastal village and a popular attraction for those taking Tunisia holidays. Trips to the North African coast are always worthwhile for the hilly shoreline, and the buildings here follow a beautiful blue and white colour scheme which is renowned as one of the country’s top photo opportunities. Cobbled streets, delightful cafes, and friendly shops make it a relaxing place to spend time, all overlooking the beautiful sea.

Most people who visit Sidi Bou Said want to take away a souvenir. Make sure you haggle in the souvenir shops – it’s expected and negotiations are always friendly. A number of artists have also been associated with the area, no doubt drawn by its unique beauty, making the village a good place to purchase art.

Go Back in Time

Tunisia is home to some spectacular historical sites which will take you as close to the past as you are ever likely to get. The El Djem Coliseum is only slightly smaller than the famous Coliseum of Rome, and is truly a breathtaking sight. Its incredible size, architectural beauty and almost unimaginable age make it an unmissable destination for history lovers.

Another option for history lovers is to visit the once-great city of Carthage. A modern suburb now stands on the site, but it is still well worth a visit. The area was once home to a mighty fleet and was the base for Hannibal’s forces. This glorious past hasn’t vanished without trace, and the museum is home to ancient artworks that have been called the equal of the exhibits in the Louvre.

Image by Jerzystrzelecki, used under Creative Comms license.

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How poker evolved through the years

While debates are still on whether or not today’s poker is a take-off from a Persian card game called, “As Nas” or “Poque”, a French card game. This card game became one of the most popular games in the world and it bears a distinct difference from the ancient card games it was alluded to. Modern school of thoughts described it as a card game made up on general card play principles including betting which is not present in any ancient card games like Persian As Nas or the French Poque.

Poker played as early as 19th century


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Gourmet burgers

5 reasons I eat gourmet meals at home

No more worrying about what’s for dinner or where to go; ordering gourmet meals from home will truly be a lifesaver for yourself and your family. By eating gourmet meals at home you can satisfy everyones palate. Also, eating gourmet meals at home can save you time and money. No more piling everyone into the car just to go eat a nice meal, now you can just order from home!

Another added benefit of eating gourmet meals at home is having the comforts of your own home. If you need to do some work, or take the dog for a walk having gourmet food delivered allows you to do all the things you need to do and still eat great!

But enough, of me briefly telling you about eating gourmet meals at home. Let me tell you the exact reasons you need to start eating gourmet meals at home!

Here are 5 great reasons to eat gourmet meals at home!

1 : It’s convenient


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