Travel in Tunisia: What to see and where to go

Tunisia is a small country but packed with things to see and do. The northernmost country in Africa, it’s a place with a rich Arabic culture and European influences. There are many types of spectacular scenery in Tunisia, from beautiful coasts to rugged mountains and wide-open deserts. The wide range of natural and man-made attractions includes several must-sees and must-dos for visiting tourists.

Tackle the Desert

The deserts of Tunisia may seem dry and barren, but they offer some of the most spectacular scenery on Earth. There is a range of activities and tours that will help you to tackle the desert safely and enjoy the views it has to offer. You can ride out into the Sahara on a camel, as countless travellers and traders have throughout the centuries. Alternatively, you could ride by horse and cart to see one of the lush oases that thrive in the midst of dry sand. Or stay in the now and travel by 4×4, which is a spectacular experience when tackling sand dunes.


See Sidi Bou Said

Sidi Bou Said is a truly picturesque coastal village and a popular attraction for those taking Tunisia holidays. Trips to the North African coast are always worthwhile for the hilly shoreline, and the buildings here follow a beautiful blue and white colour scheme which is renowned as one of the country’s top photo opportunities. Cobbled streets, delightful cafes, and friendly shops make it a relaxing place to spend time, all overlooking the beautiful sea.

Most people who visit Sidi Bou Said want to take away a souvenir. Make sure you haggle in the souvenir shops – it’s expected and negotiations are always friendly. A number of artists have also been associated with the area, no doubt drawn by its unique beauty, making the village a good place to purchase art.

Go Back in Time

Tunisia is home to some spectacular historical sites which will take you as close to the past as you are ever likely to get. The El Djem Coliseum is only slightly smaller than the famous Coliseum of Rome, and is truly a breathtaking sight. Its incredible size, architectural beauty and almost unimaginable age make it an unmissable destination for history lovers.

Another option for history lovers is to visit the once-great city of Carthage. A modern suburb now stands on the site, but it is still well worth a visit. The area was once home to a mighty fleet and was the base for Hannibal’s forces. This glorious past hasn’t vanished without trace, and the museum is home to ancient artworks that have been called the equal of the exhibits in the Louvre.

Image by Jerzystrzelecki, used under Creative Comms license.

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How poker evolved through the years

While debates are still on whether or not today’s poker is a take-off from a Persian card game called, “As Nas” or “Poque”, a French card game. This card game became one of the most popular games in the world and it bears a distinct difference from the ancient card games it was alluded to. Modern school of thoughts described it as a card game made up on general card play principles including betting which is not present in any ancient card games like Persian As Nas or the French Poque.

Poker played as early as 19th century


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Gourmet burgers

5 reasons I eat gourmet meals at home

No more worrying about what’s for dinner or where to go; ordering gourmet meals from home will truly be a lifesaver for yourself and your family. By eating gourmet meals at home you can satisfy everyones palate. Also, eating gourmet meals at home can save you time and money. No more piling everyone into the car just to go eat a nice meal, now you can just order from home!

Another added benefit of eating gourmet meals at home is having the comforts of your own home. If you need to do some work, or take the dog for a walk having gourmet food delivered allows you to do all the things you need to do and still eat great!

But enough, of me briefly telling you about eating gourmet meals at home. Let me tell you the exact reasons you need to start eating gourmet meals at home!

Here are 5 great reasons to eat gourmet meals at home!

1 : It’s convenient


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Why Fuerteventura is the best Canary Island

Choosing where to go on holiday can be a tough decision as there are so many beautiful places you can head to.

The Canary Islands tend to be a popular destination with tourists worldwide and one island in particular makes a great spot to relax – and that is Fuerteventura.

Offering great year-round weather, more than 150km of lush sandy beaches and plenty of things to see and do; it’s no wonder Fuerteventura is considered one of the best Canary Islands to visit.

It’s all about the location


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Tesla Motors

A short history of the automobile

Can you ever imagine your life without a car? I know I can’t! Well if you lived roughly 125 years ago or so you would not have had the luxury of owning a car, riding around in a car, or the privilege of buying a car for the first time! You would have had to walk or take a horse drawn cart, or a train perhaps.

Those living back then were not as lucky as we are today to get to ride around in a fine automobile and get to our destinations in no time!

The history of the automobile is quite extensive. Moneysupermaket.com has a great infographic showing the exact dates, manufacturers and brands of automobiles over the 19th, 20th, and 21st century. Many people over the years came up with their own designs and models.

And thus, over the years each brand and company has changed an evolved. The cars from yesteryear we would not consider chic or classy, but rustic and outdated. But back then those were the most beautiful thing to people! People were amazed and loved their cars, if they could afford one.

Who really invented the first automobile?


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The great American food trends of 2013

Food and fashion are very similar. Both are made to look beautiful, both are most appreciated when the highest quality products are used, and both experience strong seasonal trends.

Just like clothing styles, food goes in and out of fashion.

Many restaurants offer seasonal menus with locally sourced ingredients that naturally grow at that time of year, but certain foods are deemed ‘trendy’ and start popping up all over the best restaurants in the country.

So, what ingredients will you see making their way onto menus across the country this year? (more…)

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